Monday, November 5, 2007

papasok na ulit si vicky bukas.
Listening to: False Pretense - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Apparently, their songs are pretty good, even if I swore off their song Your Guardian Angel after it broke my heart. WHAT?! :))


I told her already. You know, the Y O U person in my letter. So it really won't matter if I tell anyone else. Hahaha. Sooo at peace. Medyo pissed nung simula, till I expained everything. She thanked me for her letter (and the bluntness), and wondered if people really thought she was a silly b*tch. To which I replied, No. They just think you're silly and you're a bitch. Heheheehehehehehe. ΓΌ

The truth shall set you free. ;)



My lovelife is like a chess game, and I feel like I'm playing against God. And he's winning. T_T

To tell you the truth...

I don't know how to play chess. :))


I have to go to school tomorrow.

Please, Lord. Please. No. Not yet, I'm not yet ready. I have been traumatized for the past 3 weeks, and I still have to make Nicole his friendster layout. Please.

The past three weeks have been nothing but tests, tests and more tests. And projects. And homeworks. What guarantees that the next quarter will be easier?

I mean I don't even want to wake up at 5:30 in the morning.

And I just saw my friends last Saturday (ye. lab yoo girls.), and that's enough for atleast a couple of days. I mean, we have to miss each other, right? :))

Wala narin naman mamimiss sa school. T_T


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