Thursday, November 1, 2007

the post where i express my adoration of judy ann santos.

It's not that I just noticed, but heck, Judy Ann Santos has really, really slimmed down. I'm amazed. Idol na kita, pare. I mean look at her, she's practically blossomed into a woman. And I really admire the fact that she spent 20 years in showbix without a single scandal. She didn't join any reality TV Show. She worked hard and look at what she's got. I admire her down-to-earth attitude, the "humility vibes" around her. I mean, I saw her in Westgate before, in that-cafe-whose-name-i-forgot, [CCC cafe? Basta it starts with a C. HAHAH. Puro initials lang.], and really she was like, pretty dressed down, pretty modest. Cargo pants and shirt, if my memory serves me right. Unlike some of the other stars that I see frequently. Hindi nga ganung sikat tapos grabe magdamit. Hello, mall lang. :))
Chaka she's the perfect example of a Filipina. Hindi mestiza, hindi chinita. Talagang Pinay. And she's not super-skinny. Sexy. Yeehes naman. :))
Chaka gwapo si Ryan, kaya... yun. :)
Spent the day cleaning. I was assigned to the task of organizing all CDs in this home, which I thought initially, was pretty hard. Hindi naman masyado, since most of the CDs were my mum's, and they could easily be sorted out.
Cleaning really relaxes me in ways I cannot fathom. 'Cause while cleaning, I don't really think of anything else... just what I'm cleaning for the moment. The things that I have to organize. Those that need labelling. :))
I could be a neatfreak, but sometimes, when laziness paralyzes my whole body, I just let things be. When the moment comes when I need some calming down, edi I clean. :))
After spending the day cleaning, I went with my mum to the salon for threading, since if I don't get any threading, I might actually be a hypocrite (long story.). Grabe, little did I know that my mum had to have so much things done to her hair! 4 hours all in all, when we finished, SM was almost closing down.
Sale kasi today, and there are REALLY NO PEOPLE (that is, by SM standards). I mean, a sale day without ANY people? WOW. HAHAHA.
So I grabbed my chance to go around. Badtrip nga lang, since mummy was in the salon the whole day, I only nabbed a pair of heels, which was something I immediately wanted, since it was 50% off and it looked nice on me. From Bayo. So yeah. But I'm setting my sights on going back there before November 4... Kasi astig pag sale sa Bayo.


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