Saturday, December 15, 2007

Listening to: Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows

I've been avoiding Friendster for well more than a month now, and the specific reason to why I'm doing it escapes me. No, it doesn't. Maybe I'm just too ashamed to admit it to myself, what more to the other people out there. Wala lang. Sometimes kasi I see things I don't want to see, and they make me hurt. And I don't like that. They bother me. Yeah, I move on with it quickly, but if all these things go simultaneously, wala. Hirap.


So much things have been going on! :))

Attended the annual highschool dance last night. DRIFT, pare. Bunch o'fun, atleast my friends danced a lot. Unlike last year, paputol-putol. I enjoyed the bonding moments outside more, though. The stars were at their brightest (may nakita akong FALLING STAR!!! wish wish wish!), and we were just sitting at the benches, talking, kidding around, and joking (wait, does Danton's stint qualify? sarap batuhin eh. kidding. lab yoo danton :)) ). Angeli was soliciting her Christmas money from her grandfather, Paul (again, with the highschool family trees). My feet hurt so much last night. And the 9'o clock shadows are being casted away by Marco. Sleepy-eyed, muscular, bad boy Marco. How about the huggable,shy,sweet,wide-eyed one? Ay ewan.

Speaking of family trees, we just completed the KABUTE family tree. Kabute, kasi wala pa kaming maisip na decenteng surname. Kabute is tagalog for mushroom, by the way. Wala lang, it's funny eh. And we're a funny, happy (though incomplete) family . Imagine, I have 12 kids! Cheaper by the dozen!
And the way we conspired their births were pretty amazing. Take Angeli and Barbie for example. Angeli sneezed her way out while Barbie farted her way out. No actually, it was their dad who bore them. He sneezed, and at the same time, he farted. And then came Angeli and Barbie. We still have to figure out how to integrate Angeli's Swedish mountain goats into the whole story. Poor dad. I wonder if he knows he fathered 12 kids? Peace dude. I didn't know I had 13 kids (the one was fathered by someone else.) until I decided to do the tree. Woy.

Ang baho. Fathered by someone else. T_T


Whatelsewhatelse. Well I, along with 2 other people, am representing our batch for the Extemporaneous Speech Contest. Which is kind of weird, since I just found out that I qualified when they posted the names in the bulletin. I didn't even know I would be included. And besides, I had no intention of joining. There weren't even any auditions or anything. But whatever I say, I guess I'd like to join. Well I am joining. I guess I'd want to win. Surprisingly, it's my first time when it comes to these things.

(Listening to: When Your Heart Stops Beating : +44 ; C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips: OK Go)
Oh and OH!!! I lost my phone at SM yesterday, where I, Angelique and Hazel had our lunch. We were at Papemelroti, checking some things out, and then when we went out, I tapped by pockets, and then realized that my P900 was gone. As usual, chill lang ako. Angeli panicked like wow. Ewan ko. I guess I was just waiting for it to happen. I needed a new phone, and it's not like I used that phone all the time. Nakakapanghinayang lang. So much memories went with that phone. That phone used to be my friend. Well in some ironic, metaphoric way.


My taste in music has slowly evolved. Atleast I've let my guard down and I now enjoy random stuff, not just alternative, rock things. Those songs bother me sometimes. (Listening to: Just Perfect- Tracy Bonham).


Wooo vacation's almost there!


Oh. I'm going to have another godchild. A second one, this time. Wala lang, it irks me. 'Cause I think being a godparent has got a huge responsibilty going it, and if something happens to the baby's parents, then I'd have to support my godchild. For heaven's sake, I can't even support myself, what more another gentle, sweet human being?

People nowadays have forgotten the real reason behind godparents. Wala, eh kasi puro Pamasko iniisip. T_T

Speaking of which, I have many godparents who owe me 14 years of Christmases.



Oh. Super song. Just what I needed. A song which I think would be perfect if a certain someone would like to berate me with BS. (Except for the line, my best side was your worst invention. Haven't done any inventing lately. what.) I like the song still, though. It's odd how I think I know what he'll tell me. Or I'm just imagining things, as usual.



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