Wednesday, December 26, 2007

five four three, zero. yeah. :))
Listening to:
Happy Ending - Mika
Coming Home *the album* - New Found Glory
Upside Down - Jack Johnson (vicky lovesit.)
Take You There - Sean Kingston
(i love the chorus,though i feel the urgency to kill his label for allowing him to release such a SUMMER song during the HOLIDAYS)
Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown (i love chris brown. he's really good. :) )

(all songs are in my Recently Added playlist, which is on shuffle.)

Feeling: Restless...which is what you feel when you're anxious.


I am anxious right now, or it may be that I just can't find nothing good for myself to do. Or the circumstances won't allow it. I want to clean my room (as I do when stressed/ anxious), but the ates are occupying me room, since my uncles just arrived from the UK, and they have to occupy the room that the ates were using. There's no permanent 'residence' in this house, if you get what I mean. Well if you're dim enough not to get what I mean, it means that nobody has a permanent 'private' room in this place. No place to clear your mind or when you feel like being alone.

Last night, I prayed to God that he zap an extra room in this place just so I have a place to clear my mind. I was so restless last night. The warm, fuzzy feeling is bugging the HELL out of me again. It's not that I was feeling bad last night, I was just feeling so good that I can't sleep.

I thought it only happened to boys. You know, you're so into thinking about someone (or something), and the warm, fuzzy feeling is there, and I WAS ACTUALLY STARING AT THE CEILING. I don't think I ever did that. I thought that only happened to poor, love-sick boys. I was staring at the freaking ceiling with a weird smile in my face. I slept well, and then I woke up in the middle of the night, and I found myself staring at the ceiling for HOURS. I only got to sleep again when my mum woke me up so I could transfer beds. (She's going to work, so she allowed me to use the top bed. My bed kasi is a pull-under, or under-pull or WHATEVER. :)) )

I promised myself not to single-out people in this blog (I'm well on my way on doing so, with the staring-at-the-ceiling-warm-fuzzy-feeling talk). So God help me.

I'm feeling really ODD right now.

So to prevent more singling-out, I'll just talk about how much I want my own room.

Reasons to give Vicky her own room:

Oh diba? :))

I need to know what I want in life. I really do. I'm jealous of the people who know what they want.

I NEED MY OWN PHONE!!! It's hard sharing phones with your mum. She reads your messages. It's not like I don't tell her most stuff that happen with my life, it's just different eh. I don't know. I feel violated when she reads my messages. :)) It's not that I'm HIDING anything from her... ayoko lang talaga.

Plus, it's hard when someone's texting her and you're texting someone.

And, it's hard texting using her phone, which has a complete QWERTY keyboard (what's qwerty? honey, check the first six letters in your keyboard, above the home row keys).

I need my own phone. :(( Eh when I have my mind set on one phone, I WILL find a way to get it. Which means I get it in the end...pero in the end pa. Not now. I need the phone now. Eh the phone I want is expensive. N81? Hey, it's 5,000 pesos cheaper than the N32i. :))

Grabe. I want so much things.

No wait. I NEED so much things.


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