Thursday, December 27, 2007

rock and roll!
I DID IT!!! I couldn't wait till January 1st. I just had to show my layout. It isn't so graphic-savvy, and I chose it to be that way. I preferred it that way. That was what I had always had in mind. A small header at the top left portion. Not the huge, rectangular ones in the middle. Medyo magulo tignan yung sidebar, and I still have to make up my mind with what to do with it. For now, that will probably do. :D

You know'd probably be okay that way. Naiinis lang ako dun sa dalawang unang header (oh noh, here she bombs with the techie talk) per post. Meaning, the date and the title of the post. Hindi magkakadikit. But whatever. I'm too tired to discover how it's done.

But this is fun, hah. I've spent atleast 3 hours on the computer without my knowing. Time breezes by when you're having fun.

I guess I was out of touch of CSS-ing for a while, but now, I guess I'm back in track!!!

I'm proud of myself for finding out how to do the archive and the comments! I dissected the very code of the old template. Too bad widget lang yung links, now I have to ask for links once again. Which isn't so bad, I guess. Since some people in my links don't even bother to visit, which is sad. But what the hell, man. The only links I've got are the ones who tagged in my tagbox. :P

I'm missing my old template still, thought. Oh well. Malay mo mag-comeback. :))

Hmmm. I seem to forget all the pain when in front of the computer. Pag alis ko sa harap ng screen, WOAH. Sakit ulo, sakit likod, sakit pwet.

Ohwell. Thursday na! Sheyeeet. Sige na. Paalam.


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