Tuesday, December 18, 2007

so how much longer will it take to cure this?
Eeyore is love. I'm talking like a complete prat, but HELL he is the most adorable thing on earth (I'm talking about the REAL Eeyore. The donkeeeh. Not...you know. The codename thing. HAHAHA. I just revealed myself online, how stupid. Whatever.) Weee. Weee.

Initial addiction to Eeyore actually caused by apparent interest with the person which was codenamed Eeyore. Don't ask how the codenamed person became Eeyore, it just came about. Hmmm, now that I think of it, Marco should be the one called Eeyore, since they have the very same droopy, sleepy eyes, but Eeyore is adorable, and Marco, well, isn't. He's ruggedy buggedy boo (Marco, I meant). But Marco's already a codename (HAH! We have a knack for making cool codenames.) and soo...yeah.

Also, addiction caused by this writer's ability to mimick his voice when he says "I lost my tail." Ooooh.




WOO. I managed to get through without any serious injuries, though I do have a bruise (pero diba pasa yung bruise? i have a gasgas in my left leg. oh, my left leg always gets the injuries.) and it hurts and it's stingy. But I don't mind, I'm kind of used to it, I guess. It won't hurt if you won't let it. Woooot.

I joined the Dinuron game, which involves a bamboo pole, a huge circle in the field, and 10 players in 2 teams. Basically, it's Tug-of-War, inversed. The objective is to have your opponent's foot to get out of the circle. So basically, you just push and push and push. It was a TOUGH game, given that we're fighting against the merciless (according to jiggy f.) students of section 28. Hey, it took us 5 games at least to determine the winner, and we were DEAD TIRED. Score nga 2-1 eh. We won the first game. We lost 'cause Menandro wasn't there (skwater. :P ) and he was our biggest and strongest guy. Sayang. It was tiring, given that I couldn't feel my arms right after, but I guess I enjoyed it! :P

Section 27 is such a funny section. My classmates amuse me so much. Wala lang, we were just so bonded and noisy and eager to support, because I guess that we're all we have. But I love love love them babes. Hahah. Whut. Kanina nga eh, hindi pa nagsisimula yung relay sumisigaw na sila. It was deafening, but what the heck. It was funny. :)) :)) I guess the other people in the area got irritated, but I don't see whaddahell is wrong with supporting your section. Though I feel them when it comes to the screaming part. I was only too eager to cover Ina's mouth, since she was screaming the louuuudeeest. (Peyce, Ina.) Nakakatawaaaa hahah.


I'm reading The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn. I absobloodlylutely looove it. I haven't even finished it, but yeah. Them sex scenes are too graphic though. Do I really need to know all that? Sheesh.

But really. I love Historical Romance. You know, books made at this point in time, but its settings involve Victorian eras and really just vintage stuff. :)) You know, kind of like Nicola and the Viscount and Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot. I enjoyed Nicola and the Viscount so much, but I never got to finish Victoria and the Rogue, ironically with the title bearing my name.

Wala lang, I guess in my previous life, I existed in that era. The manner of speaking was enormously valued, and everything was so elegant and elaborate, wala lang. It just irks me that females weren't...you know, as powerful.

OMG I just found out that the Bridgerton family has its own series!!! OOOOH I'm in love. Grabe, I was just,like wondering what the story of the two other characters in the story were, and well, they have a book pala! ASTEEEEG.

Okay, okay okay. Kwento na.

Basically, the story is...

between Anthony Bridgerton and Katharine Sheffield. Kate (Katharine)'s sister is Edwina,who is the most popular debutante out this season (seasons are a 'part' of a year when debutantes are set out on dances and parties so that they could meet prospective husbands). Anthony decides to marry Edwina, she, being the practical and pragmatic decision, since Anthony did not want to fall in love with his wife, as he is haunted by his father's early death (kind of a psychological thing going on about abandonment issues which i will not rave on about).

So Anthony decides to pursue Edwina, and then Kate comes into the equation, apparently disapproving of Mr. Bridgerton, since he was known as a playboy (a rake, known at that time.) So they argue and they argue and then slowly, they fall for each other, until Anthony makes the mistake of kissing Kate, which then affirms his feelings for her (but of course Anthony denies it to himself. Agh, such a boy. HAHA.)

Ayun, and then in some point, they had to get married, because Anthony was caught sucking the venom of a bee that stung Kate in her chest, which, if you ask me, is a rather very compromising position. And then their mothers saw it, and Lady Featherington too, who is the best-known and worst gossip about town. So they rant about how they should get married, since he was "kissing" her chest and stuff like that. And so Anthony decided that they really should marry because of the compromising position they were caught in (rather scandalous at those times, my dear friends). But really, I think Anthony decided they marry because he really wanted her.

But then again, Anthony decides not to fall in love with Kate, should she be first in leaving the earth for heaven. and vice-versa.

Ayun. di pa ko tapos.

I'd bet you could barely keep up.

Fine. Basically, to keep everything interesting, it's about fighting your feelings. And discovering that actually fighting them feelings make that feeling stronger.

Just read the damn book. T_T I like this book because you could understand how to title came about, and it's got substance, albeit the graphic...ehr stuff.


So speaking of the book that I'm reading. The Viscount Who Loved Me, I was thinking kanina about how much it was similar to Nicola and the Viscount. The characters, I guess. I mean it would be a given that the setting would be similar.

Basically, the dude denies that he likes the girl.



If anyone's still wondering what to give me for christmas, a Powerbooks/Fully Booked gift certificate worth gazillions of pesos would be wonderfully appreciated.

I am unashamed and unabashed about my bookishness. I mean what the f*ck is wrong with that?


I am becoming more babblative these days, haven't i?


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