Monday, December 31, 2007

fListening to: nothing.
Watching? fresh. hmmm. there's high school musical in the background. wild cats in the house?

In atleast 4 hours and 30 minutes, we will be welcoming a new FREAKING year!!!


My dad says..."the year of the Rat will bring forth many great challenges to people who were born in the year of the Rooster."

Well that's refreshing. Whatever. It's not like I haven't had much challenges lately.

I say.,bebe.


And since Bia was fortunate enough to remember the significant things that happened to her this year, I think I should do the same thing...just for the sake of posterity. :)) So...the credit of this idea goes to Bia. :))

Here goes nothing.


The significant things that happened to Vicky this 2007.

First and foremost, nothing much happened this year. My lovelife was STAGNANT...nothing exceptional. But whatever. HAHA. KJ. :-P

1. Section 16's farewell party?
I was such an idiot, thinking we had our farewell party last 2006. Idiot. I don't know, it just seemed significant.

2. Had a short haircut.
Really, I never had any idea the hairdresser would cut it THAT short. It was insanely short. I was just so innocent, reading Vogue and all the fancy magazines laid in front of me. Yeah, I did see that so much hair was being cut off, but I was thinking that he was just thinning my ever-so-bushy hair out.

Turns out, the short haircut became an open door to better style, mucho more confidence-o and non-conformity (later to find out na uso pala short hair). Really, I don't regret that, though I love my hair more now, 'cause it's grown out and it's quite longer. And I don't look like an old frumpy lady anymore.

3. Had soccer lessons.
Well, hindi naman lessons. I just trained. And I really didn't ever think in my WHOLE life that I'd do it. And I'd never forget it. To why I stopped training, I never could still never fathom why. But it was one of the best-est things that I did, I just realized now. Yeah, I sucked, and I wasn't very valuable to the team, but I guess there's this feeling inside me that hates not finishing what I started. I hated how I felt that I was chicken to continue doing something I really love. Scared of what other people think, scared of failing once again, scared of kicking the ball the wrong way, scared of...whatever. Well now I'm paying for everything. Everytime I see people kicking balls in the field during the afternoon, I really genuinely wish I were with them. And I had the freaking chance.

4. Had a genuine interest for articles of clothing.
I don't know. I think I looked like a DORK before now. Even when I was in first year. It was because of the freaking hair. The Now I like going window shopping by myself, or with my mum, or sometimes with friends. I do try clothes on. And I am set on the style that I have, the shops that I shop in and the money I spend with the clothes that I buy (I'm not much of a tiangge person, solely because nothing ever fits me there, I think. I don't even buy in the local stores, like Bench and Penshoppe and Human. Same reason with the tiangge. Besides, I hate seeing someone else with the same shirt as mine.) :-)

5. Started to seriously think about the future.
What could I do. Kailangan eh.

6. Stopped being a dork?
Whatever, I'm probably still a dork now, in relation with myself in the future. Meaning, today, I might not think I'm a dork, but next year, I probably will. :)

7. Read so much books!
Update HAHA. Anyways. These last two weeks I think, I've been reading and buying a new book every two days. I think I've read more than I've ever had. Which is cool, since it keeps me preoccupied. I hate NOT doing anything. Sobra. All books I've bought lately are by Julia Quinn, and I'm 3 books away from completing the Bridgerton Series!!! YEAH! Too bad, the first book in the series seems to be the last thing I'll be buying.

Which isn't so bad. In fact, when I failed, I laughed. It was bad, yeah. But I was relishing the feeling of failing. Wasn't so bad, since MANY people failed din. (Oh yes, Nicole's 15th Christmas light.) I failed my Math test. HAHAHA.


See. Nothing special. Most things were put down in vain. :))



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