Friday, December 7, 2007

vicky and her apple.
It feels so GOOD to have everything over with this week. The oration, the play (we killed it. GO EARLEEEHHH!!! *happy birthday din*), my guidance project, our music presentation.


I am soooo proud of my groupmates. We put up a good show, I guess. EARLY was the BOMB! Benedic was sexy lol. :)) Barbie and I were having our own comedy under the teacher's table. It wasn't a super presentation, but that could be explained because we lacked practice (at laging tamad yung director.) But my actors and actresses saved my ass. It was good hearing the laughter of my classmates who were watching. It felt good. :) The props were complete. Couldn't be any prouder. Naks. I'm such a mother.

Konti nalang. And then CHRISTMAS BREAAAK!

Huwaaat else.

We just got our yearbooks. Laughtrips from memory lane pare. When we found out that the yearbook just got released, we RAN all the way down to grade 6 to get it. Mga nene't mga totoy. Solid memories.

Meron akong isang picture, mukha akong EWAN :)) The one where I was trying to light the candle during the Candlelight Ceremony. Tapos ang tagal kong onstage, and when I finally lighted it, the crowd roared. Eh kasi matagal akong nasa stage, and it was sooo funny. I was thinking of things like, "Hala. Baka masunog ako nang buhay. What a scene." Eh pano naman kasi, ayaw mag'light nung candle. Ang pangit ng gradpic ko dun. Well di naman. I just looked...odd. And my teeth were still misaligned back then. And I had long, bushy hair. Oh, my long, bushy hair.

Wait. I had long,bushy hair rin pala last year. Hahaha.

I love my hair right now, even if it always goes the wrong way with its flyaways. Atleast it's short, and I find it much easier to dress up now. Chaka di na ako mukhang manang. Wala lang. My long hair only looked nice when I ironed it or something. And I think it fits me well. :-P

And it's grown own already, so hindi na ako mukhang MUSHROOM.

Hahahahah nakakatawa talaga yung yearbook.



Vicky and her apple.

Angeli made this testimonial for me in the yearbook (we had the longest testimonials, I'd bet.) and in one part, she said.

"Vicky, just like any normal, living girl out there, has an apple in her eye. I can't really mention who he is right now, because by the time that you're reading this, she may have eaten that apple already and changed it with a new one."

I'm not sure which apple she's talking about, but heck. I have four eyes, and well, if you have an apple per pair of eyes, then I'd get 2.

I'm such a loser.

Anyways, well, guess what. The apple's rotting and a cute worm (just like in pictures)'s living in it and well Vicky still wants the apple. With the cute worm. But I'm not eating the worm, that's just disgusting.

The point is, the apple is rotting, and it doesn't deserve someone like Vicky, because Vicky deserves a SHINY SHINY new apple, crispy and juicy (parang manok HAHA). Vicky is on her way, pero mag'graduate na yung shiny new apple, and besides I know nothing about the apple. Well I know his favorite animal, pero that is that.

Time to throw the apple to the bin. If my heart wouldn't pity it so much.

Heck, it's just an apple.



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