Saturday, December 8, 2007

vicky goes kilig.
Here are somethings that make me feel kilig. As in shuddery, smiley, squealy kilig. Some just make me feel genuinely happy. Not jolly, happy. There's a difference, isn't there?

1. Tall, Dark and Handsome
By girl standards, this is a classic. Dark, in the sense that he's mysterious, or something like that. Not necessarily dark-skinned, though I don't have anything wrong with that. I just love tall guys, because, well there's this need for girls like I to feel, you know, the secure stuff and those things. Handsome. Well. Self-explanatory, isn't it? Who is handsome to me? Someone clean-cut, confident and doe-eyed. Ish. I also like sleepy eyes.

2. Shy smiles.
So far I could name 2 people who have the nicest shy smiles I've seen. Coincidentally, they are quite related to each other.
Shy smiles, you'd know when you see. It's really just hard to explain.

3. Crinkly smiles.
Think the Hugh Grant eyes when he smiles, all crinkly at the side of his eyes (which get crinklier as he gets old. kidding.). I adoooore those kind of smiles.

4. Semi-dimples.
I am not a fan of deep, deep dimples (except for Johann's who has the deepest dimples known to humanity. this is biased. :-)) ) I find it quite adorable when a person smiles, and he has this dimples which are just kind of line-ish. Not so deep, just that when you smile, they become half-dimples which are line-ish. What.

5. Dudes with thick-rimmed eyeglasses.
Not just glasses, I want thick-rimmed, black eyeglasses. Quite a lot like mine. Wala lang. When I see handsome guys with thick-rimmed eyeglasses, it's like a euphoric feeling. Woah.

6. Couples.
Not all couples. Some couples make me want to throw something at them. I'm thinking of quite a few couples I know and see a lot. There's something nice about seeing someone you know with someone he/she deserves. This doesn't make me go kilig, this makes me happy. Wala lang. When they sit together, when they hold hands, when he carries her stuff (even her bag), when he kisses her head (right.), the way he goes gaga when she gets lost, the way he worries when she gets hurt. Wala lang. Seeing them just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

7. Nice clothes.
Genuinely nice clothes make me go kilig. Not necessarily clothes that I'm wearing, clothes other people wear can make me go kilig, just not the same way smiles do. You know, it's like you want to go up to them and say, "Hey there, where did you get what you're wearing? You look really nice today." Wala lang. I just don't do it 'cause nakakahiya. :)) And like hello, how would you react if someone came up to you and said that? Yeah, you'd probably feel good, pero ang weird din.

8. Nice eyes.
Period. Nice, big, round and doe eyes make me melt. I like sleepy eyes, but they don't make me melt. They make me smile. Eyes are nicer when they look into mine (WHAT?).

9. A really good song.
There's this thing between me and good music. Before a song earns a kilobyte or two in my iPod, it has to tug a heartstring. It has to be relatable. It has to make me smile, make me feel bad, sad whatever. Well hindi naman, some songs are just plain nice. But for something to be a favorite, yan. It has to tug a heartstring. Sometimes a really good song, probably something like Slowdance on the Inside (Taking Back Sunday), when I hear it first, parang there's this euphoric, odd feeling that I have. Once again, the warm, fuzzy feeling.

10. A good conversation.
Nothing like a good conversation. I haven't had so much of genuine, long, super conversations that leave me hanging by every word. A good conversation, not necessarily about intellectual stuff. Just stuff. Anything, everything, whatever.

11. Eeyore (literally and figuratively.) and Marco.
Inside joke time? Maybe. Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh is just the sweetest thing. He always loses his tail, and his low, slow voice is adorable. And the way he says "I lost my tail" (which I can imitate, by the way) is really cute. And my Eeyore stuffed toy is adorable. And he's purple. And he's just sweet.
Marco, you don't know, and I don't know either. What is up with that?


happy, happy birthday JP!
Happy birthday to my super friend, super baby (ang pangit pakinggan pag super SON eh) JP. He's not my boyfriend, he's my son-kuno. You know, way back in high school, or gradeschool, there are just people that you call mummy because they're...well,motherly figures. Well, yeah, I am that. And I call all my kids baby.

Thank you for everything, dude. You're one of the bluntest, nicest, most honest friends I have. And I treasure you for that. Yahahaha. The person I could talk to when I feel like babbling about people who suck in basketball. The dude I go to when I feel like hating all boy-kind. The person I could talk to when I feel low, and my days suck. He doesn't serve his cakes sweet and all iced-up, he serves them raw, tough and cold. But once you leave the cake outside to thaw and warm it up in the oven, the sweetness and the icing comes.

He's one of the sweetest people that I know, and he deserves a greeting because he's having a bad, bad day, I think.

Happy birthday dude!


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