Monday, December 24, 2007

who's up in the break of dawn?
That is, if you consider 8 AM as the break of dawn, which is hardly what it is. Whatever. Anyways. I am up early today, everyone in the house is still sleeping, except for the househelp. Which is kind of weird, really, since it's 8 AM and I do think everyone should be up right now. The sun is shining as brightly as...ehr two bright things. Yehey.

You know what, everyone's still sleeping. Almost everyone in my YM list is on I'm on SMS mode, which I think is really useless. A few are up, though. Oh... I think some are... invisible.

Grabe, it's December 24th na pala ngayon! I couldn't believe it. Lately, I haven't been feeling like it's Christmas. Even when I chose my gifts. Before, Christmas used to mean giving tons of gifts out, even if it means that you won't be receiving some in exchange (I only gave out 5 gifts by will this year, and I feel guilty for not giving gifts to those who gave me. See, it's actually better to give more than to receive more. O:-) ). I missed that, actually. I guess I didn't put as much effort into giving gifts this year. (Yeah, sorry girls. I'll make it up to you?? =D )

I've been in uber-senti mode lately, which sucks, since Vicky is barely your senti person. I hate it when I get sentimental, I really do. Corny eh. HAHA.


It's actually quite a lot like a Sunday Morning today if you ask me. The sun is shining shinily...and...well. Everything's so nice and quiet.


Grabe I feel like babbling and babbling and babbliiiiiing!!!


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