Sunday, January 20, 2008

borderline insanity.
Listening to:
Sunday Mornings - Maroon 5
[I need to calm down. This is obviously not the kind of music I should listen to to calm down]
With You - Chris Brown

I am this close to insanity...*holds out the index finger and thumb with atleast 1 inch difference lol*. I really am. I feel insanely's insane.


I mean I know why I'm feeling quite bothered and unsettled, but I don't seem to be able to justify the feeling. I feel the need to validate that the feeling is real, and it's right, and it HAS TO HAVE SOME FREAKING REASON. It doesn't make any sense!


Haaay. Might need to talk to my heart and mind nanaman.


WAAAAAH there are so many pent-up energy inside me that I don't know how to release. One part of me wants to stay still 'cause I'm tired from the long walk from the procession kanina, the other part wants to scream and shout and just be plain hyper.

Pano yun. Tulog lahat ng tayo sa bahay. Nobody to bug.

Oooooh this sucksssssss. T_T

I'm so torn up in the sense that I don't know what I'm feeling and why, and I don't know what to do anymore. Aaaaargh....


In any case, I need to concentrate at the task at hand. I am now being paid to input all the billings and etc stuff in a spreadsheet in Excel. Really, insanely boring stuff. Also included in the job is the constant feeling of guilt because of the money that we're really spending. It's insane.

But like HELL, I'm getting paid for this, so yeah.

Good luck on concentrating. ;) I quite have an ADD (attention deficit disorder) thing going on. A mild case, maybe. I always am distracted.

I KNOW I should have listened to Sir Jamby rambling on about those spreadsheets and whatnots.

Kids, listen to your computer teacher always.

edit//@ 10:20

Hahahahah I have a new kid on the roster: McDaddy!!!
Say hello to Migs, Marco and Eeyore. How insane is that. McDaddy. Ambaho. Obviously uninspired.

But atleast Mr. McDaddy man is different among the three of them!!! He's kind of a softy kinda man, and he's...not so hardcore. How INSANE. Kaya nga McDaddy eh. It doesn't necessarily imply that he's the dad to my *ehem* kids... ang McDaddy lang talaga ng dating...

Oh, I love it. :)

I finally found the song that could calm me down.
Shhhhh lang.
San ka pa, it makes me smile too!!! Haha. It's a sweet song, in all fairness.

It's just so funny eh. Maybe that's what makes me smile.

I should stoppp wooo concentrate concentrate on the spreadsheet.

Concentrate on the damn spreadsheet, damnit.

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