Friday, January 25, 2008

bs post.
Watching? Local Wheel of Fortune. (Kris is quite annoying as a host. I'd rather Edu Manzano to be up there. He's entertaining.)


Bloody bugger hell.

How shitty do I feel right now? Oh, I don't know. I just feel like I'm in a mudbath of shit, that's what.

Nothing even happened today. I've got much more excuse to be sad yesterday than to be freaking sad today.


Surprisingly, yesterday's apparent reason for sadness doesn't seem to have any adverse effect on me. I mean...I don't know. I'm chill.


I feel empty. I honestly do. What do I do with my life now?

I want to be busy. I need to be distracted. I atleast NEED to do something with my life. 'Cause I don't know what I want, and there'll always be this empty void in me.

Yeah, yeah that's right. I have to do something. But it's too late to get involved in anything at school now, after all, we've only got a few months before the summer vacay begins.

Oh, I can't wait for summer. I want to do something with my hands and get busy and stuff like that. I just to move around the metro and do so much things I'd get so busy I won't have time to think of anything anymore.

Because seriously. The last thing I NEED right now is more thinking.

I think too much. It's insane.


And finally, an update on which course I'll choose in college.

Guess what.

I'm more confused than ever.

So I was so set on taking up something like MassCom or Advertising. And then my mum told me some stuff and so I became unsettled. And then I was thinking of Law. And then here comes a newbie. Industrial Management Engineering.

Sounds cool. But I'm bothered by the Engineering part. I mean Engineering requires a lot of number work, and God knows how bad I am at that.

Hmmm. Maybe not so much. I just like putting myself down on that aspect, that's all. I mean I do enjoy solving Math and stuff, I just find it scary when the exams come. We're under time pressure, and of course, you have to worry if you're doing it right.

God help me this Tuesday.

So there. Not much of an update, really. Just telling you how shitty I feel. T_T


I need to add spice in my life.

Or maybe I need to add spice on how I put down my life.

Hm. Maybe I'll give the blog a make-over.

Or maybe...

I'll just eat and hound the ice cream and be back with something much more juicy.


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