Thursday, January 31, 2008

can we chill?
Watching? Can We Chill - Ne-yo @ YouTube

HAHAHAH. This is one of those videos. By those videos, I pertain to the b*tch videos I so fondly pertain to. I love this song, and knowing Ne-yo, there couldn't be any video of his song without the sexy babes. But I guess there's a little bit too much on this one, with babes sprinkled everywhere, appearing here and there...kahit sa loob ng kuweba. And surprise surprise, all of them are in *shock(not.)* BIKINIS!

By God, don't men believe in leaving a little something-something to the imagination???

And then there was one scene were Ne-yo was just staring at the chick's boobs. Man, they're just mounds of flesh. What is it that gets dudes so excited by them anyways? Is that something in-born? Something that came along with their ding-alings? (also known as tralala and the happy place.)

But I still love Ne-yo, though. He's so sleek and suave and sexy and ang galing gumalaw. Yihee, nakakakilig. I would love to meet someone who could move like that. And besides, he dresses well.


The video takes place in some remote place, I'd bet. Somewhere like Ibiza or in Africa. Sao Paolo? :)) Cabo san Lucas? Mexico? Brazil? Basta there are beaches, and then those streets that you seem to see in videos all the time, and then there's a freaking cave and then he parties. He parties and then he meets the girl in the cave (she's insanely pretty though) and *surprise surprise* this little lady is decked in a bikini top and a mini-skirt so short, you could barely see it (tama ba yun?).

Sana man lang binigyan nilang kuwento yung kanta. Pwede naman eh.

Just see the freaking VIDEO to know what I'm talking about.

Let me share something.

I've got this habit of thinking up music videos of my favorite songs. Of course, the songs have to have something to work with. Something unique, and with a story and stuff like that.

Which I guess, is a reason why there is a lack of good and unique music videos everywhere. People don't have anything to work with anymore. Almost everything sounds the same nowadays, I wonder how people know who sang/did which.

So back to my story.

So a while ago, I was lying in the bed and listening to my iPod (I am in a ultra-high risk of going DEAF someday). And then Can We Chill played, and then suddenly, I was imagining the music video (I was imagining an alternate music video for The Pretender - The Foo Fighters before that.) I imagined him to be in a party, and then the opening scene focuses on him entering the club and...

...and this is not something unique, but I like it. :P

...and I can totally imagine everything now. The purple lights, the darkness, the party, what Ne-Yo is wearing (all white) and then...hmm. I think I forgot to imagine how the girl should look like. Probably someone with long hair. And dark skin, and then she's wearing something elegant...and sexy, dapat lang.

And then ayun. They do this kind of "chase" thing. Ne-Yo makes eye contact with the girl, who's sitting in a bar, and then he makes a go for her, but then someone suddenly passes and he loses her. So he looks for her. And then he finds her and they do stuff and whatever.

Okay. That was totally unoriginal, but that was the only thing I could think of. Eh can we chill eh. It's a night song, not a day song. Oh, it could probably work as a beach song.

I should stop now.


Have you seen Take You There (Sean Kingston)'s video? By God, don't even let me get started on that one. It's such a bad video for such a nice song.

Since when did I start criticizing videos??? :)) And since when did I know how?


Happy Birthday to Angelique's pader!!! Woo.


edit// @ 5:38 pm, now watching RUMOR HAS IT.

You can get sterile from being kicked in the nuts?

Oh wow.


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