Thursday, January 3, 2008

looove looove looove. :) beatlemania,bebe.
Listening to:
All You Need is Love - The Beatles
Hey Jude - The Beatles
Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles

LSS? We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine... :D
Beatles trip na, dude. I feel so good now.

You know what, I feel highly obligated to tell you that this is my third post, I erased my last two posts (prior to posting it, of course.) and then I read Patty Laurel's blog (I regularly check eh. :P Guilty pleasure?) and I realized that I should just be happy and chiiiilll man. I actually felt better about ranting about how much I hated a song by Funeral for a Friend ...guess what song. I'm not in the mood to elicit negative responses from the people who like that song... I felt much better when I listened to Metallica (they always make me feel comforted. Like I've come home. Naks. ) and then I just gave up all the anger when I listened to All You Need is Love. It's such a nice song.

And then I laughed when I read Patty Laurel's blog,because she's really funny. I'm quite jealous of her because she's doing a EuroTrip, but not so because it's FREEZING out there. My uncles told me so.

But even if I feel good post-wise, I still feel annoyed with...ehr, I don't know. Just annoyed. With something. Someone. I don't know.

You know what, I just realized, the first part of All You Need is Love, before John Lennon or Paul McCartney or whoever was singing (I'm pretty sure it's one of them. I'Wikipedia mo kaya.), sounded much like a National Anthem. What, with the drumming and the trumpets.

And it should be a national anthem. I mean listen to the lyrics, now. Love is really all you need. All you really need is love. Love. Love. Love. :D And imagine how much Flag Ceremony would be much nicer and much more fun when you have that as a national anthem. Nakakaencourage kumanta, diba?

I'm so glad I've started appreciating The Beatles. Mucho thanks-o to Star World for presenting the making of The Beatles in Love Concert. I just realized that their songs were so full of soul and emotion, it's not entirely hard to project that in acrobatics and graphics and presentations. It was amazing.

credits to for the picture

I Love the Beatles' hair. I would marry a guy with hair like Paul McCartney's or Ringo Starr's or John Lennon's or George Harrison's. Especially John Lennon's, since his hair seems to be different from all the four. Teka, si John Lennon ba yan? HAHA. And they all look really stylish and suave and cute in their tuxes and their guitars. Oh dear. I'm gushing about men old enough to be my grandfather. Eh bat ba, cute naman sila diyan eh.

I didn't like it when they grew their hair and moustaches. But I guess it's all for the sake of being older and maturer and looking so.

I really admire them. With a song comes another character, another story, another picture. It's got a lot of heart and soul in it...And besides, every song is different from the other. No pattern of some sort or anything. Just peace, love and happiness.

It's amazing how much music affects my moods...And the speed of its effectivity. :))


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