Monday, February 25, 2008

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Vicky.
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Anyone Else But You - The Moldy Peaches / Michael Cera&Ellen Page
(dalawang version eh. hahaha. it's a sweet song. besides, it was featured in JUNO.)
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Lady Madonna - The Beatles
(lady madonna, children at your feet. i wonder how manage how to make ends meet. :P)
Saccharine Smile - Donots
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The Break-up @ HBO
(well, my sister is. i occasionally glance and get updated. that movie has the ugliest ending ever.)


Well I am in huge trouble.

What what what what have I done???

My life is a mess.

No, seriously. I'm not saying that for you to pity me (there are a surprising number of people who actually do that) but I'm stuck in a rut, and I don't know what to do.

My brain has gone to a party and took my heart with it.

What am I supposed to think with and feel with now?


5 Things You Probably didn't know about Vicky:

5. She's nocturnal.
Probably due to the weird wiring of my weird body clock, I feel most creative, most productive, most at-ease during the night. I study the best at night, clean the best at night and make the good stuff at night. But of course I NEED to sleep at night, given the fact that I have to go to school the next day.

4. I clean to get my thoughts organized.
I clean my stuff in order to create the illusion that atleast ONE part of my life is in order. Not my future, not now, not my so-called non-existent lurrve life, but the things on my table, on my vanity and my closet are the ones getting the organized treatment. (eyng?)

3. I like old school stuff.
If you don't read the Listening To part of almost every post...then I would like to let you know that I like old things. I just realized. Pop art (andy warhol, anyone?), Vintage Cars (i wanna mustang so bad), Old School music (the clash =P), Historical Romances (julia quinn now.), Vintage Stuff (hahah shades circa 70s. :P ) and of course... Old School movies.

2. I like old school, local, teen movies.
Well, kahit hindi local. Basta old-school teen movies. The old-school teen movie part...well I've known it since I started craving for Molly Ringwald movies. And hello, Grease Lightning anybody?
And then the local part...Well I just discovered when I was channel-surfing one night, and then I saw Aga (howdahelldoyouspellhissurname?) and his dudes doing their thing and then suddenly I craved watching their movies too.
The operative adjective here is OLD SCHOOL. Ayoko ng new school teen movies, lalo na yung local. At least back then: a) gwapo naman talaga yung actors and b) MARUNONG SILA UMARTE. eh now the new actors brought in can't even act to save their lives. grabe. At least there are a select few who are exceptions.

1. Sometimes, I'm a shy person.
SOMETIMES is the operative word here. Of course you don't see my shy side. Most of you have known me for years, or have probably watched me laugh my ass out from afar. No one will believe me kasi ang INGAY INGAY ko. But I really am a shy person at times, lalo na kapag bago lang. But if I feel like I can trip and jam and whatever with the new kids, edi I'd easily shed the shy persona fast. But really. I'm a shy person.

(tumatawa na sila sa likod.)


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