Friday, February 8, 2008

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Got our cards today. Great grades except for Math.

Oh shite. What a downer. Ah well. I wasn't enjoying it at that time.


I know America's a great country and it's not at the same time. It's great because it's huge and powerful and it's where most things originate. Bands, brands, labels whatever. It's great because it's the land flowing of milk and honey, a place for opportunities. It's not because they waged war against Iraq causing lives of many people and they're insane commericalists.

But really. I'm jealous of that country, somehow.

You heard of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton?

Yan ang mga politikong kailangan ng bansang to. Dedicated people. They're both running for the Democratic party (tingnan mo. bilang na bilang lang parties nila. apat ata? republicans, democrats, libertarians, greens and socialists. the better known people are the republicans and the democrats. )

I don't know if a party can have two running candidates, but if that was allowed, these two totally deserve a spot.

They both signify change. Kelan kaya tayo makakakuha nun?

IF Obama is elected, he will be the first ever black president. IF Clinton is elected, she will be the first woman president.

San ka pa?

Haaay nako. I'm starting to lose hope on our politicians. Oo, ganun ako ka'delusional noon. :-(

It's just sad. I mean, kanina, I was watching TV, and I was thinking...if I became a politician, what will I resolve first? Anong ip'prioritze kong project? Kasi diba, parang sabay-sabay, ang dami-dami, tapos wala pang pera! Wow. Eh asan yung pera? Ayon, hanapin mo sa mga branded na Ferragamo wallet ng mga nakaupo sa puwesto.

I mean, I don't know that much, pero I'd really like to think everyone out there is just there to get money (so sorry.) Fine. Kung meron man talagang bukal sa kalooban ang pagtakbo...bilang na. At hindi pa natin alam kung sino sila. Ewan ko. Nakakaiyak ang estado ng ating bansa ngayon.

Nakakainiiiisss. ="(

Away kayo ng away, paalis nang paalis. Importante ba talaga yung position kung nasan kayo? Do what you can with what you have. Does it matter kung speaker of the house ka, or senator or whatever? Everyone is capable of change, even I am. So does power really matter? Position?

Hindi ako magtataka kung mukha talagang kayong mga t*r*nt*d*ng naghahakot ng pera.

Mga buwisiiiit. Agh. I now know why my blog idols are losing faith in you people.

Gusto ko pa umasa sa presidente natin. Oo, masarap na siya paalisin. Pero we need the time that she has left. Pag napaalis yan, GULO nanaman aabutin. May bagong malalagay sa upuan. Marami nanamang away, maraming magc'complain. Just...stop freaking fighting and help your drying country, for God's sake.

Maganda, masarap yung feeling at nakakatuwa when EDSA 1 happened. Same thing I guess with EDSA 2. Pero 3? Hindi ko na yata kaya. Magmumukha lang tayong mga batang brat. Pag ayaw, paaalisin.

The next thing I know, election nanaman. Puro pangako. mga T*ng*n*ng pangakong NAKAKAPAGOD NA. ayoko na. Nagugulat pa kayo nauubos na mga tao dito sa Pilipinas. Mga walang hiya kayo. >:|

I guess part of the blame goes to the Filipinos. We are responsible for voting. Democracy nga eh, di naman ginagamit. Hindi pwedeng dun tayo sa sikat, dun sa mahilig mamigay ng groceries. Dun tayo sa taong matatag, magaling at bukal ang kalooban, sa ginintuan ang puso (wtf.). Pag ganyan ang naupo, balang araw, kayo na bibili ng sarili niyong groceries.

I will look forward to the day when the Philippines will rise once again.

(p.s. hmm. i still think there are a selected few who know what they're doing out there. no guarantee they're not stealing, though.)

haay this is getting all too tiring.

(p.p.s.s. oo nga the country deserves to know how cong. nograles plans to do his job. he's now the newly-elected speaker of the house. he is the 4th highest-ranking officer in the country, after all. in fact, this dude is practically invisible. i don't even know him! )


I didn't have to know what the ZTE Broadband deal was about after all.

I just needed to know why JDV was ousted from his position.

I'll take it from there. :)


I now just discovered the roundabouts of CS2.

I can now do gradients and animate.

Just the pen tool left, and I'm all set on getting used to CS2 (I'm a PhotoElements baby kasi. we have it easier there. a bit easier, I guess.)

I'm pretty excited about the pen tool and all that.

And now, YouTube is getting pretty handy to me when it comes to tutorials.



Different set of friends came over today. By different, I meant not the usuals (angeli, angelique hazel and barbie). Had carl jp madz yani johan over today. JP Madz Johan and Yani have been here before. So Carl's pretty much a noob to our 'habits' (like the joining of hands during prayer before eating.)

Crazy people.


Started off with having Yani over, since we had to do our project. And then I asked Hazel and Madz to come over, since it's kind of lonely kung kaming dalawa lang. And then suddenly Hazel wasn't allowed to go. And then suddenly, later on, I was texted by Carl that he would come over. Okay. So the house was up and about until 9:30 when they all left.

Sorry, no pictures. Was having too much fun viewing Multiplys (oh shet. HAHA. hahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. another rite of passage @ vicky's place.) and Videojugs. :) I was having too much fun to even remember I had a camera.


i now know how to whistle. even the infamous cat-call whistle i could do (done when a BABE passes by.) magawa nga yun pag dumaan si case number 1. eww.

ngayon the only thing I have to learn is:

how to whistle with a tune.
how to whistle with my fingers (i know how. i just have to practice!!!)

woo. cheers to my whistling career!




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