Thursday, February 21, 2008

oh no.
Listening to:
Cause Iiii love the way you say good morning. :) (I heard it from one of ETC's commercials.)

Topic-appropriate songs:
Because of You - Ne-Yo (ay grabe)
Realize - Colbie Calliat (i know puro nalang REALIZE maririnig mo, but yeah. the lyrics hit the target)
Perfect - Smashing Pumpkins (I want to cry. :'( )
That Song By The Spice Girls Whose Lyrics Are Put Below: Too Much Ba Title Nun?


Too much of something is just as tough.



Is it possible to like someone too much?

Of course it's possible, what kind of question is that?

Agggggh. I don't like how I'm feeling anymore.

But it feels so GOOOOD. But I don't like it.

I miss sooooo much things, and I just can't freaking live in NOW. Now, when all I have is nothing.
How can you live in the present when all you have is nothing? Going back would lose you nothing.

But that's what I think.

It's just painful how you have all those hopes and dreams and you know that in the future, you won't share it with that person. Just because. It's annoying and it's painful and if I think of things from that point of view, I won't have anything to think of at night, or during Filipino time (haha.)

I mean why can't I ever have a decent love life? Even my younger sister has a lovelife (even if she kind of shuns the dude. but a lover is a lover.)

Of course. Love can wait.

Wala lang, I just want to know how it feels like at this point in time. But I believe that someday...I'm going to SCORE! HAHAHAHA.

Ang dali sabihin para sa iba, naexperience na nila eh. Tsk. Playing with things that are NOT toys.
That is beside the point.


Wala lang. I'm just feeling sucky. 'Cause dude # 1's leaving (but he has a girlfriend anyways), and dude # 2's leaving, and like HELL, I do not want to be left with dude # 3! I need to be DIVERTED! This is NOT HEALTHY!

Maybe I need to take up sewing to get distracted.


This is definitely procrastination because I have two more exams tomorrow, God help me: Biology and Social Studies. Freaking taxonomy and the legacies and imperialism and whatnots. Whaddahell.

Anyways. I saw a girl at the library today, and she had the COOLEST camera at hand. It was SLR and it was making funny clicky sounds when you click the shutter button.

I lovelovelove it and I wantwantwant one.


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