Wednesday, February 27, 2008

on links, Bob Ong and...idiotnosity?
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I'm thinking of changing my link.

And I know what it's gonna be.

*Thinks hard*

Maybe I'll do it.

AFTER I do Angeli's layout and my mom's. And then I could make me a new one [a layout].

Grabe yung kay Angeli last last year pa yata hindi ko pa nagagawa. :))


I've started reading Bob Ong books.

I always knew I'll like them, I just didn't know why I didn't start reading them until now. Waaay back, I didn't understand what went on and such. Wow. I was THAT dim? Grabe. Haha. Tagalog nga hindi pa maka-register sa utak ko. Hahah! Conyang-conya eh.

So now, I'm reading Stainless Longganisa, borrowed from Benedict, a classmate.

Speaking of which. There's kind of a reading revolution at our class. The girls started to read Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series (it's incessantly addictive) and then the boys (give or take 2 girls) are reading Bob Ong's books. And then everyone else is just reading their own thing.

Nakakatuwa. :-) It's nice to see that people appreciate the books that you read. Hell, it's nicer to see that people like to read. I don't know. It's always "uncommon" to find someone who likes to read out of our class. Wala, feeling kasi nila gawaing nerd.

Mas maganda naman yata maging nerd kesa bobo, ano?


Before I get bashed in the girls' toilets for actually targeting for the bull's eye (on account of the previous statement. Yes, the one just before the asterisks.), I'll go back to Bob Ong.


It's like a book version of Pugad Baboy. To me, ha. Well they differ in terms of targeting public and political figures (straight to the point ang Pugad Baboy.) and of course, Pugad Baboy is kind of a graphic novel in a sense na, so it has characters and settings and permanent fixtures. Yung kay Bob Ong, parang blog na ginawang libro.

Pero they both comfort me in a sense. I don't know how or why, they just do. And they both make me laugh. And they both make me think. And then they make me laugh again.

They're the type of books you'd want to read again and again, just because they're not serious, nobody gets heartbroken...and they're a lot of fun. Fun with a ny. WHUUUT?

Things are funnier in Tagalog.


Badtrip lang, I forgot the book that I borrowed. rawr.


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