Tuesday, February 5, 2008

outreach talk.
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Sorry for the lack of creativity. Wasn't in the mood for some serious photoshopping. And yes, like i've said in my multiply...and I can't quite put my finger into it... I don't want to talk about the outreach. No, like hell, it's not that I didn't enjoy it or anything. But there's a positive reason behind my non-talking about it. Oh well.

It's so bitin. :P


Okay, so maybe it's tiring to talk about everything that happened during the outreach. So I'll give you the post-it version.

Bus ride to La Huerta together with some CIC Volunteers. Aircon broke down, had to stop every few minutes or so to un-heat the over-heated bus. Or so i think. Picture pictures. Arrived there and taught. Three subjects, two sections. Reading, Math and PE. Section 6 and 7, grade 4. Reading taught first in section 7, Math first in section 6. And then Reading in section 6, PE in section 7. And then ran out of time.

Incredibly pooped the moment I sat down on my seat in the bus.

But no matter how tiring, I still enjoyed. I enjoyed a lot. :)

In fact, another story...


There was this little grade 1 girl peeking out of the door, checking out all the commotions and what nots. I noticed this little kid and immediately went to her. First she was shy, so I asked her name and stuff. When I finally found out she was in grade one (she responded "7" when I asked what grade she belonged to. Not much of an idiot to realize she meant she was 7 years old and therefore in grade 1), I asked her why she was there. She didn't answer. So I gave her a choco drink instead.

This is why I preferred to teach the grade 1 kids (not that I didn't like to teach the grade 4 ones. they're smart and behaved and participative and simply just amazing in almost every sense of the word.)...because they are a) much more cuter (with the implication that CUTE = SMALL) b) they're much more endearing c) they're innocent. so you probably won't expect bad fingers and curses thrown on your way.

But yeah. It was fun :))

Now THAT was a ditzy post.

Be back when feeling more creative.


It's pretty obvious my mind's a mess, yeah?


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