Tuesday, February 26, 2008

things people should know.
MTV (Love Song's on. Cool video. :P)


I finally have my digicam back.



Thanks to all the gorgeous people who tagged and commented. I'd return your comments/tags soon. :P


Things people should know:

This sounds really basic, but some people really need to be reminded of this. Especially this one.


I know this is ditzy, but I felt like saying it out to the world.

Haha, how stupid is this.

Oh dear. Actually announcing it might actually jinx and mess things up for me.



Uhm. I've actually booted crushes # 1,2 and 3. They are now replaced by crushes # 4 and 5, who used to lag behind crushes 123, but since 123 suck...of course they are now replaced.


Wala lang. Crushes 1 and 2 aren't doing it for me anymore. Excuse me, parang ang close namin eh. LOL. But really. Hahaha.

And crush number 3? Wala lang. Let's just say... I can't say much since he didn't have MUCH blogtime compared to crush 1 and 2... Well... I've outgrown him. I've become pragmatic and rational (it could be beneficial rin pala.) and I guess that... the spark is undeniable, and I'm still not used to un-liking him...pero it's a start. It's a step forward. And some things...you just gotta do. You gotta do what you gotta do.

So crush number 4. Huh. He's one year older than I am and he's a freaking musician. I liked him cause he used to sport the Beatles hair. During their early days. HAHAHAHA. No. Wala lang. I just like him. No one really knows that I like him, gave or take 2 people.

Crush number 5. HAHAHAH. Another something of a someone from 123. He's mighty older than I am, he's in college now attending one of those elite universities...and let's just say he's smart. Insanely smart.




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