Wednesday, February 27, 2008

things that I find myself missing.
Listening to:
Feedback - Janet Jackson
(okay. she might be a teenie weenie bit older than my mom, and her earlier music was better, but i like this one. it's dance-y. and catchy. the video is a complete freakshow, though. what the hell is her ASIAN PERSUASION?)
Walang Kasing Sarap - Brownman Revival
(i like them. reggae is a tough genre, and they have it in the bag. they're probably the only OPM band that I like. but the video is...shite. what the hell is that? a freaking KNORR commercial? 'di pa marunong umarte yung girls. sorry. haha.)
Love Song - Sara Bareilles
(the non-acoustic version is weird, but i like it. not much of an acoustic person anyways.)

I just realized that I'm not much of a Colbie Calliat person


Bloody bostok (That's Vladivostok. WHUT.)

I find myself making lists and lists.


Things I Miss:

1. The every-weekend-north-mall-trips
Before this point in time, we used to go to Powerplant and GB all the time. Lalo na Powerplant. And MOA. I miss GB because...I have no idea. I just miss the restos and the cafe. Click Five memories haha.

This is ditzy, pero I really do miss the malls. I don't know. Maybe it's because I see the randomest people at the oddest of places (MOA, holy freaking hell.), or maybe it's because the shops are better there. Zara MOA is a dream. And the Dorothy Perkins/TopShop at Powerplant. Hmm. The former and the latter are a tip away from outbalancing each other on the balancing scale. (eyng?) And Serendra! I haven't been there in a while. HUHUHUHU.


There's a reason why we're not doing these trips.
a) because we're saving up. we're having our house fixed during the summer.
b) everyone's busy.
c) to resist temptation! :-) it's simply painful when you find something you INSANELY want and not buy it...

...oh wait.


2. Gradeschool days.

I find myself missing my gradeschool days every now and then simply because things were MUCH MUCH simpler back then. So simpler that we seek to complicate them to give the illusion that we're "mature". I mean the teachers were nicer, they didn't give shit if you're noisy (well they do. they just don't blow their top off very often 'cause we're in a open wing.), and I didn't have to study for the freaking examinations!

Wala pang cliques, wala pang cool. Walang stereotypes.


3. Summer

The heat. I don't think I freaking miss the heat. 'Cause the thought of last summer's heat is Freaky deaky. I just miss the time I had in my hands. My "me" time. My "contemplating" me time. My "summer cleaning" time.

Which brings us to missing...


I'm not a beach person until I figured out that I was. Shemay. I want to hit the beach and the sand and I want to be somewhere tahimik. Not as noisy as Bora or Galera. Shet. Punta Fuegoooooooo :-(

5. My baby cousins...

I am desperate for family and relatives. I really really am. I'm really, insanely jealous of the people who're really tight with their cousins. 1st cousins? 2nd cousins? Don't matter.

And my two adorable baby cousins. I'd bet that when I finally grow up and have my own job and stuff, I'd be doting on the both of them.

Although in line with the traditions...They're ate and kuya to me. Explanation: There's this odd tradition that once siblings produce offsprings, the offspring of the eldest sibling gets to be ate and kuya and is held in higher regard...regardless of age.

But whatever.

I think my baby cousin Gaia and I will hit it off. I swear. She's a clothes person. She likes bauble and color. She LOVED LOVED LOVED the pink bag that I picked up for her for Christmas. Vicky couldn't be any prouder.

And Matty? The insatiably adorable and naughty Matteo? Chiara and he will hit it off.

I can't help but wonder what it will be like when we grow older.

God forbid things get awkward. Shet.

They're going here for Christmas!!! (I think.) WAHHHHH. Can't can't wait!

6. 2006

Had the best summer ever. The two people who made that summer...I miss so much.

The first person (God forbid I mention.) doesn't have to be missed in a...ehr.."romantic" way. I just miss the companionship and the laughs. And the late-night talks. And... hmm... I just miss the "friendship". Same thing with second person,actually. Do I dare reveal?

Do I?

Of course not! :))

Grabe. Things change noh?

2006 was also London year. Shit.

If I get back there, I PROMISE that I'll have better clothes, less weight and better hair. What did I know, I was 12 years old! Grabe. My face was awful. Shit. I should have hid in my awful gray hoodie.

7. Football.

Foot in mouth. I hate myself. T_T I miss the game, even if I sucked. The morning trainings. The friends. :-(

8. First year.

First year in HS the bomb. First time everything! And Miss Marcos is a lot of fun. The College Rooms. I miss those. Section 16, I miss the 50% classmates that we lost! Haha.


Although I Love:

1. NOW.
I'm a better person. I believe that. I don't blow my top as often. I joke more. I'm happier. Stress-free. I make decisions on my own. I'm more understanding. I have better clothes.

Although I still have a lot of growing up to do.

2. My lovelife.
OY KELAN PA??? HAHAHA. No, seriously. One simple commitment to something makes a world of difference. 2 vs 2! (what am i talking about?) I'm not committed to someone, I'm committed to a promise. To myself. So I'd be happy.

3. My friends.
The best, the close and the acquaintances. I love them all. :-)

4. My section.
O-hah?! 27 the bomb!

5. My new habits.
As in SAVING habits. I get frustrated when I only save 5 pesos a day. San ka pa? Wala akong baon nang ganyang lagay, ha!


Life is good. :-)


Please visit my newly-updated friendster. :-)

shameless plugging. LOL.


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