Monday, March 17, 2008

first of summer + rock band.
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Old Yellow Bricks - Arctic Monkeys

Shakespeare in Love on DVD (original yan,ha.)

--it's on pause. i had to go online to look for a number of something, and then i dropped by ala's blog and suddenly felt like blogging.--


So it's officially the FIRST OF SUMMER.

Hurrah to APRIL, it's my favorite month now. I don't even like my birthmonth, September anymore. It's too gloomy, since it rains ALL THE TIME.

Since when did I start hating the rain?

Hatest month: JUNE.

I go back to school.

Everyone's fresh from the beach, so lahat mukhang uling and most of the boys forgot to visit their barberos.Pabayaan ko na raw sila, sabi ni mommy. They're revelling on the lack of hair inspections. I'd bet their moms would LOVE to shave their hair off.

Anyways. The top 1 reason I dislike June is because...well, I get used to the pig lifestyle I lead. Well I didn't really lead a pig lifestyle last year, I did something worthy. But yeah, summer's usually really fun for me, and I get used to the lifestyle, and it's such a shame that I have to go back to school, face new teachers who will probably hate me, face new classmates who will probably hate me, face a mountain of projects, quizzes,exams and stuff, face people who I don't even want to face....

Who the hell wants that?

But some people want that, 'cause some people technically don't do anything with their Summer vacay. Yeah, I wouldn't want to blame them, but if there's a will, there's a way.

Kung hinarang ka ng guard, suntukin mo sa balls.

Get what I mean?

Anyways. Summer's always a time for rediscovery for me, to do what I really want, before...doing things that I quite abhor: maths and problems and boy problems per se. Maths, I don't abhor so much, I'm just scared out of my pants that I won't do good next year.

Summer's freaking time to lose weight, geddamit.

Hmmm. Am I going to lose weight kaya?

I mean, even if I do lose weight, I think I'll still look the same.

I mean, FACE IT PEOPLE. I'm never going to be skinny. I have bones that would put dinosaurs to shame. They're massive. Everytime I ask people to feel the bone on my calves...You know, the one down there, above your sole... Sa likod ng tuhod mo... KUHA MO? Everytime they feel that, they're like...WOAH. Ang laki laki laki talaga ng buto ko.

And I'm happy with that, actually. 'Cause with my personality and the lifestyle I'm living...well it's just not fit for a skinny person. A skinny person wouldn't knock the balls off of someone. Well I've never actually done that, but when the moment seems right for it, then I probably will. A skinny person wouldn't dare play bunong braso. I mean come on.

And besides, my kids would have a hard time if they had a skinny mom. I don't know how that connects, but whatever.

And I'm not fat. I'm even lucky I have convex-ish curves (papasok, hindi palabas) and I'm pretty well-endowed when it comes to the front and the back.

San pa you?

And studies say that hourglass-figured women produce smarter and more gifted kids? Kasi daw the hormones or genes or whatever that are connected to the smartness and giftedness of your offsprings are found in your...hips!

HA. Angeli and I would have great kids. HAHAHAHA.

Grabe. I sound like I'm advertising my body and looking for a husband.

Ehr...Sir, not yet available. I'm only fourteen.

P.S. I don't have body issues. :-P


Pretty interesting day yesterday.

Saw an old classmate in town, called Angeli on the phone (because of something else, iddie.) and my sister finally bought the Rock Band drum set.

OH GAS, it's the coolest thing next to guitar hero.

Why next to GH?

Eh kasi.... Mas cool yung songs ng GH. It's not like I aspire to be a guitarist or anything, mas masaya lang talaga pag mas alam mo yung mga kanta.

Meaning: more old school stuff in GH. :-)

Anyways, the RB drumset's pretty insane. I mean, it's like the DrumMania thing that you play in TZ, mas cool lang yung songs.

I mean, they have Garbage, and the RAMONES (Blitzkrieg Bop NOW!) and OK Go, even. Pero kulang lang yung kanta, and hindi namin maaupdate, since PS2 lang gamit namin.

But hell, we have 40 more songs to unlock, so mahaba-habang laruan 'to.

Nakakatawa nga eh, my sister took a long time to decide if she's going to buy it, eh hello. She already asked our Grandpa for money for it, specifically. Meaning: bibilhin niya na talaga, pinagisipan pa.

Yan, tuloy, ang tagal namin sa 3rd floor. Old classmate probably thought I was stalking him or something. Kausap ko pa naman si Angeli sa phone. HAHAHAHAHAHA.



RB's pretty great, and you could form a "band" using the other RB instruments.


Anyways. I better go now, before my sister arrives from school. I'll be playing RB. I'll kick Dead or Alive's ass.


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