Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i wish i didn't know.
"Jackie is a puhnk, Judy is a ruhnt, they both went down Behrlihn to join the Ass Capahdss (Ice Capades) eyeahyee."

Listening to:
Old Yellow Bricks - Arctic Monkeys (loves it. Although their songs tend to sound alike.)
trying out Motion City Soundtrack (they sound emo. i'm eternally turned-off by emo bands, i don't even know why. but they're chill. i like Phantom Planet more,though.)
One Ray of Sunlight - Phantom Planet
Interstate Love Song - Stone the Pilots (yeheeey!)


WTF is wrong with Blogger. I just clicked the Edit HTML tab and when I returned to the Compose tab,everything got messed up. So I returned to the Edit HTML tab and then back to the Compose tab.

And then everything was gone.



Incessant ranting about a boy ahead.


It's nice to rant about a boy when a) he doesn't read your blog b) he doesn't know you. Nil chances of getting caught red-handed or anything. Not really nil. But there's 1% percent chance of him getting across this blog, but he won't even know that I'm talking about him. Or a kind person might point out that I'm ranting about him. But I don't think that person would know I'm ranting about this guy.



HOLY.SHIT. [disclaimer v2: about to continue the post then found out something shitty.]


I want to take up Structural Engineering.

My mum, grandpa and I were talking about it on the dinner table kanina, and they mentioned the type of engineering that supervises the pagkakabuo of buildings and stuff. And then my mum mentioned St. Peter's Basilica as an example.

And then suddenly, I wanted to be a Structural Engineer.

One glitch, though.

It's under Civil Engineering.

Holy mother of buwitres.

But I want this.

My heart goes with it. My brain goes with it. It f*cking FEELS RIGHT.



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