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Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundrack
So hear this. This is the only MCS (i use their initials, ang haba kaya ng name.) song that I listen to. I refuse to listen to any other MCS song, and hell knows why.

And you know what? When I listen to this song, I believe the title. The title, not the lyrics. Ang odd ng lyrics niya. But yes, the chorus part. Something is really comforting about this song. HAHA. Convert! I'm a freaking sell out.

Tell me that you're alright, yeah everything is alright. Please tell me that you're alright, yeah everything is alright.

Typing it down, i now fail to see the comfort in the chorus part.

Maybe it's just the rhythm and melody and the mishmash.

She's the One - The Ramones

Yeah yeah, she's the one...


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And I know why. I answered STRONGLY DISAGREE/DISAGREE to most answers that proclaim: "I LOVE MATH AND I'M ACTUALLY GOOD AT IT!".

Because a) I'm not good at math and b) I only love basic Algebra, simply because that's what I'm good at...Good, being relative. But I enjoy basic Algebra, really. Especially the coin problems. HAHAHAHAH.

Pero look at this, the top 5 majors that I got are actually the ones that I INITIALLY considered, before I had this epiphanic thing going on with me+computers/engineering= $$$. (sorry, walang peso sign eh.)

It's not that I'm forcing myself to do engineering neither is my mom forcing me to do engineering/computers. In fact, my mother wants me to take up freaking GEOLOGY to study ROCKS. Explanation: she works at a multinational company who makes money out of fossils and rocks and OIL. (How IT fits in the equation, I know not.)


I considered taking up Structural Engineering because the building things part really excites me. Concrete and wire... I still would want to relish the "designing" of really strong and sturdy buildings, bridges and whatever. It's designing, pero in a technical aspect. Kaya I wanted to take up Structural Engineering.

But the thing is...well I'm thinking of working with computers. Heaven knows I'm a freaking computer baby, I am CALMED by the sound of the keyboard when someone's clickity-clacketing away. I've been listening to that sound since I was a baby, given by the fact that my mom is an IT major, and she's been working with computers her whole entire life since college.

And one of the major things that comfort me with my decision to take up something from the Engineering/Computer Field is that my mom was a lot like me when she was my age: a writer, yada yada yada enjoying the things I do, even considered MassCom and Marketing/Advertising (MERON NA PALA NUN NOON HAHAHA.) when she was about to enter college. Meaning, we're good in the Arts/Communications area, with nil Math skills. Pero siyempre, she listened to her dad, who told her that IT is the future, therefore she should take it. She, having no clue what she's up for, went to IT. That's the only difference we have, I didn't have anyone telling me what to do besides myself.

And well, she had hell for college (coming from a left-brain dominant all-girls school to a right-brain course wasn't exactly easy.) and then back with her jobs (especially the one before what she has now)...

But looky looky where she is now. Happy, and supporting 2 spoiled kids on her own. A freaking single mom, and a strong one at that. We get to study at the best school (don't argue with me.), get to satisfy our whims once in a while, although she lets us buy books all of the time. Books naman eh. *snicker snicker* heehee.

I remember something that a parent said, Anissha my batchmate's dad, actually. Mr. Sitlani? He was one of "our parents" for Listen to My Heart, a program at school where we get to ask parents questions...and they basically answer.

So I asked something like...

What if your child asked you what course they should take between one thing that is something that they REALLY love, pero isn't financially stable and something na...so-so, pero is very stable.

And then Mr. Sitlani said something like:

Work muna. Work hard. Later in life, you could cherish and enjoy the things that you didn't get to enjoy. There's time for everything. (and a little more somethingsomethings.)

I liked his answer. Sure, it doesn't satisfy the entirety of the question, pero it kind of completes the equation in a sense.

Work hard, play later.

Pero syempre, marami ring add-on mini-questions: Why should I work hard first? Life is short, you know. Or: What if I'm cut out for the starved life? What if I want to starve for my art?

[my]Answer to first question: Ewan ko sayo. Masyado ka nagiisip.
And to the second one: EDI BAHALA KA SA BUHAY MO. And if you starve to death, I would gladly shove into your coffin: I TOLD YOU SO. No, I kid, I kid. Edi do what you want, demmit.

I know I have hard times ahead, especially next year. And heaven knows I'm getting ready for that. I think. Well, emotionally and psychologically. Mathematically? Ehr... Yeah, let me get back on that one.

Pero there's this thing that I heard from a movie, that was 27 dresses I think. "If it is right, shouldn't it feel right?". Or something like that.

I believe it. If you did the right thing, it would feel right. Kahit mali sa paningin ng sandaigdig, even if it's really really wrong, basta tama para sayo, nothing else matters.

I know, and I've been there. Really really wrong, but I didn't really care.

And the thing is... it feels right. The moment I've been told that a friend of my mum's graduated with Industrial Management Engineering, something suddenly clicked within me. I don't know what, I don't know why, and the angels know why it has to be my mom's friend.

I never imagined venturing into Engineering, you know? If my classmates remember well, during one Guidance class, when we were given these little cards with characteristics in them? Yes, the one where we had to cut really fast.

Yeah, I got most Is there (diba may letters sa isang corner?), and I don't remember what I stands for, but I remember being told that people with the most Is are the ones who become engineers etc. And I remember LOUDLY objecting: say like..."NOOOO AYOKO MAGENGINEEEEEEEEEER!!! AYOKO MISS! AYOKO." *add harrumph* and then... "MISS, PURO C PALA AKO!" C stands for creative. Pero dinaya ko yun. Isa lang yata C ko sa lahat ng 5 cards. I was really an I. Hahaha.

Hindi na kayo makarelate. I'll stop.

But really, it boils down to this: do what you love, pero don't be close-minded. Some people are. Say: "This is what I love, and this is the ONLY thing I love." No, don't say that. I was on the verge of being that, and then I "rediscovered" my love for computers. A-hah, a stable course pero I love. The clickity-clackety sound of the keyboard, the MOTHERBOARD (how ironic) and dissecting the data and stuff. And besides, it isn't hard to grow into something, isn't it? It's all in your mind, and in your heart, and nasa sayo din.

Life's ironic, e?

I'm talking shit na. So I'm signing off.



P.S. Thanks to Patch and Mika and Cousin Lea for sympathizing/empathizing with my last post. I'm cool now. It was just one blip in the whole sequence. :)


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