Monday, March 10, 2008

stupid post v2.
Listening to:
Let Your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley
(i now officially love reggae. perfect chill-out music. i fell in love with this song the moment i heard its preview in iTunes.)
2 Become 1- Spice Girls
(had a near-breakdown moment last night. i'm now listening to spice girls. comfort music ko 90's pop.)
Holler - Spice Girls
(this is my favorite Spice Girl song. :-)) )
Pump it Up - Elvis Costello
(oh yes now.)
Stop - Spice Girls
(i think its music video was the first i've ever seen. i remember it well. grabe. this song has the ability to perk me up. see. i now forgot my foul mood. :-) )
What a Wonderful World - Joey Ramone
(this cover ROCKS my socks.)
Material Girl - Hilary Duff ft. Hayley Duff
(whatever. haha. i like this version LOL. bubblegum pop now!)


Woo boy. What's it like to feel like world-class shite?

Well I'll tell ya.


Only 4 days till freedom...

And 1 day left to make it all last.

I've been so eager to go on vacation and do my own thing that I've forgotten to look at what I've had for the past school year.

I've forgotten to think of my classmates and the people that have made this year stellar.

I've been to engrossed in my sea of projects, homeworks and personal problems that I've forgotten how the year has been.

And I've forgotten that I have a single day left to drown this all in. To smell the room in its cold glory, to memorize every single plane and wrinkle in the face of the guy that (now that is obsessive. but it's called hyperbole.) One single day to make my Sophomore Year last.

I've had numerous pictures, numerous moments...

But all feels so...


I'm adjusting my nunga-nungas for battle. I'm going to make tomorrow last.

I'm going to say sorry, say Hi to people I've never said hi to...

and that's that.

p.s. tomorrow's not our official last day, but we'd be too preoccupied with our final exams during the last three days of the school year to remember we won't be seeing each other the same way again.


Holy Feck.

It just dawned on me that next year...

My friends won't be my classmates anymore.

Angeli, my classmate in grade 3 won't be there. Barbie, who has been with me through grade 1 to now, except grades 3 and 5. Angelique, who has been with me since grade 4. Hazel, who has been with me since grade 6.

Dana, who has been with me since grade 1!

I think it's going out of my comfort zone, what I'm doing right now. Even if it's still within the safety confines of...ehrm... ehrm... PhySci, I wouldn't be having the more or less same classmates I've had since gradeschool. There'd be new faces, new friends.

And holy hell, a mountain of trigo and geom problems.

My nose is bleeding just thinking of those things.

Grabe. Sino na kakausapin ko if I had a stupid joke in mind? What if Danton Carl and Aivi are placed in a far place? (posible pangang magkakasunod sila eh. cause danton's dizon, carl's calderon and aivi's carpio. C and D. pucha ako nasa dulo.) What if I have a difficulty in a problem and I'm not cool with my seatmate? PANO PAG WALA AKONG KOKOPYAHAN PAG QUIZ?! (i'm kidding. surprisingly, i don't do that...more often than not.) What ifff...



Holy Mother of Buwitres.

Eyng. Inside joke between my brain and I. Whut. Don't mind me. Side effect 'to ng listening to bubblegum pop.

Moving on.

Grabe. I think it's going to be a new world next year.

I don't know if I should be excited or scared.

Feeeeeck. Feeeeck.


I'm out.


On the other hand,

konting tiis nalang and all these things would be over.

3 months all mine.


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