Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Maybe Then Someday - Abandoned Pools

Okay, it was unexpected, listening to this, given that it's quite an emo song. Not much hate on the emo music, hindi ko lang talaga trip ngayon. Pero since the song felt "right" I'm listening to it.

Kanina pa ako naghahanap ng music na nagf'fit sa mood ko, which is...well I don't know. No idea what I'm feeling right now. Somewhere between SHITTY and WEIRD.

Ewan ko. Weird kasi I have the feeling that people think that I'm a freaking know-it-all and that they're taking it against me. And maybe I am a know-it-all. You know what, I am. I like clicking of things, most especially on the net. Kaya nga Wikipedia is one of my most visited websites eh. I like finding about things. I don't like being left in the dark of things. Kaya lagi mong maririnig na sinasabi ko na "ay alam ko yan" kasi alam ko naman talaga. Kung hindi ko alam, bat ko naman sasabihin na alam ko?

That's idiotic.

Or maybe I just need to take things with a grain of salt.


I need a muse.

Just like Shakespeare needed Lady Viola in Shakespeare in Love.

I need inspiration.

Sa dami ng guys sa aking Crush Roster, not one person inspires me.

Shiiit. I'm in a rut.


I need to travel.

I don't feel like travelling. I don't want to travel.

I NEED to. I need to get out of this country. I need a breath of fresher air, a sight of greener land. Anywhere but here.

It's not that I hate the Philippines or anything, pero everything's been vair tiring lately. The government, the protestors, my life, even. I guess it's major escapisim, but I want to...need to have some time to think. So yeah, can't I think in this place? Do I have to have an expensive plane ticket JUST TO FRICKIN THINK?

You know what, maybe I do.

I want to go shopping abroad. I crave for that experience. I want to try new food (coming from the girl who doesn't even eat Jap food, pero I've never tried it, so yeah that explains it. MINUS major ganda points since I know lots of guys who like Japanese food. but you know what, I think I'll like Jap food once I try it. :-P ) and I just want to take pictures. Pictures pictures pictures. Me and my trusty Sony Digicam.

Wala lang, I feel like travelling offers some major spiritual awakening or something.

Basta, it's what I want.

And you're asking where I want to go?

I've done this before, pero I guess I'll put new insights and stuff.

First off:


Experience the real-deal Japanese food. I WANT TO GO TO JAPAN SO BAD. It's nice observing the different groups of people and the oddities I'll encounter on the way. Cheap din ang techie stuff dito, so it's probably going to be heaven for me. I want to immerse myself in their RICH culture, you have no idea.

And besides, I like Japanese products. They're aesthetically-inclined (ish). Usually, when my mom gets home from Japan (well di na ngayon) she brings home these cute and odd things, so yes. I'm fond pa naman of kawaii things. HAHAHAHAHA.

Masarap pumunta dito pag medyo matanda na kami ni Chiara. Chiara, my younger sister is an insane car fan (it rubs off minsan) and she loves sports cars (she almost fainted at the sight of a Dodge Viper at ATC, I kid not.) I on the other hand adore Vintage cars and...big, family-sized cars (I'm more of a 1973 Mustang...and a Dodge Durango.) but I want the new-school Beetle. Grabe ang cute cute cute cute.

Wait, labo ah. I'm talking about Dodge and Volkswagen and Mustang, they're not even Japanese car brands.

Regardless, you get my point, don't you? No use for further explanation.

I've been to Italy, to England, but I've never been to Singapore.

I'm a shame to all Asians.

Seriously, at this point in time, if someone asks me to choose between an Asian Trip and a Euro Trip, I'd probably choose the Asian Trip. Wala lang, I feel like Asia is more vibrant and young and spicy, you know! Iba-iba talaga makikita mo with every country you go to. Different cultures, different buildings. Euro Trip I could have when I'm older. Sosy much.

I want to go to Singapore because a) retail therapy daw!!! b) wala lang, it doesn't feel right, being an Asian and not being able to go to Singapore. Hello, ang lapit niya lang.

Once, at an assignment to Malaysia by her office (I THINK. I THINK.) she went to this church and asked for a baby daughter. Once she gets that baby daughter, she'll bring her to that church back someday.

That baby daughter is me.

And it doesn't feel right to not go back there and thank the patron of that church for the gift of life he gave me.

Besides, Malaysia Truly Asia daw. I want to see what they've got to offer.

This, I want to experience talaga. The temples and the traditions, grabe. And besides, it's interesting.

Sorry, kulang sa substance reasons ko. Eh kaya nga I want to pay these countries a visit eh, to know what they're all about.

Many people are talking about this famous sweet drink that's kind of like halo-halo, pero puro condensed milk.

Mmhm, my type of drink.

I want to try it.

Angkor Wat, now! I want to visit Angkor Wat. :-P

Since we get annoyed of their presence, I want to pester them all din. Wala lang, I want to see what's there to see.

Jeju Island hahahah.

Such a huge loser, have never been to the US. I want to go there: RETAIL THERAPY! HAHAHA. Wala lang, I want to go there for experience.

And besides, all the cool stuff are there. Hmm, wonder where I'll find that Ramones jacket.

I always see the poor side of India, the badly-depicted side. I want to see India in its true beauty. And the food, of course. I like spicy food pa naman.

I want to go there simply because I want to see what's there to see. I want to see what's to see in countries I've never even thought existed before: Kyrgyzstan and the likes.

China, how could I forget? Ang bansa ng kanuno-nunoan ni Jiggy! Or whatever, who the hell knows where that guy's ancestral lines run from. He doesn't even know.

Anyways, I want to go to China because!!! China is somehow Asia in every essence, and they say it's the new Asian frontier na daw!

Too bad it's becoming very modernist. They should do what the Europeans do. Put Starbucks and McDo in Victorian-era buildings. HAHA. Cool nga eh.

The land down under. Very diverse culture, edi cool! And besides, their accents rock.

will probably add pictures of places mentioned above later. It's too late and I'm pretty sleepy already. :-) And it's hard to look for good, non-stereotype pictures.

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