Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grey's Anatomy.

Told you I couldn't stop.


Warning: stupid stuff ahead.



Friendster says: I'll be having a creative burst of energy blah blah, with unique creative ideas...add some shit, won't ya?

Candy says: Protect your innocence yada yada yada

Seventeen says: I'm having the best freaking month.

Believing somehow in horoscopes is the only thing that makes me non-skeptical about things in this universe.

What happened to Friendster horoscopes? They used to be good and accurate.

Maybe they fired their horoscope-r and replaced him with a shitty one.

My life is a massive cosmic joke. Everyone's laughing, of course. Maybe I'm on a Truman show-like show.

The Vicky show...

Nah, impossible. Nobody would watch that kind of show.


I feel EMPTY.

As empty empty glass.

YEAH! I'm THAT empty.

Shiiit. (I would really like to record how I say shit. It's like how they say Shit in American Pie, they kind of linger in I, so it sounds like Sheyet. Or something like that.)

I don't know what's wrong. I feel like something's missing, I haven't been myself lately...and HELL. HOLY HELL.

I'M THE WORLDS STUPIDEST, STUPIDEST PERSON. really stupid. really really stupid. i'm stupider than the stupidest person in the whole entire world.

I'm a world-class fool, and I never ever learn from my mistakes.


God, I'm VERY VERY close to SHOUTING NAMES in this blog. Really, you have NO idea how I WANT to say NAMES.

Wala lang, para masaya. It's not like they're the cause of the empty void.



*add cricket sounds*

Okay, whatever.

Gaaaa. I'd ramble and ramble and ramble, bahala kayo sa buhay niyo. It's not like I didn't warn you or anything.


Ramble ramble ramble. Ramble ramble ramble.

Okay, I can't do this.


I feel like a complete, utter FEWL. I'm a world-class one, at that. If there was a Fool's Convention every year, I'd be their VIP at every single event. I'd be their guest speaker, giving talks on: "How to be a Fool", "How to be a WORLD CLASS Fool", "How to BE a fool without actually LOOKING like one".

Mhm, I'd really inspire people with those kind of talks. And then I'd give them magnets with my face in it, so they could stick it in their refrigerators, just so they'd be reminded EVERY SINGLE time to not be a fool, most certainly not like me.

I feel stupid, and I hope you recognize the REGRET that I feel.

I just don't like feeling like a fool, what more BEING one, you know what i'm saying?

Yo, you know what I'm saying?

It's tiring having to explain myself. Why'd do I have to explain myself to you anyway?

Good thing them phones were busy. I swear to God, I'll die if I see you again, ever.

My LIFE IS A MASSIVE COSMIC JOKE AND I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T GET IT. Everyone's laughing and I'm left in the dark.

I feel bad because of so many things. I feel sad because of so many things. I feel so damn stupid because of so many things.

And worst of all?

I feel empty. So damn empty.

I need a hug. And Vanilla ice cream.

And frankly? Someone who cares.


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