Tuesday, March 4, 2008

withdrawal symptoms
Listening to:
Something - The Beatles
The Beatles. Para I'll feel better.

Maybe when my friends and I grow up we should all go and buy Beetles. The new ones. I'll go and get the apple green one. Or the yellow one. Or the red one. Wag lang black. Mukha siyang garapata.And then my friends and I can call ourselves...

*drum roll*

The Beetles.

Oh shite. I've been hanging out too much with the corny people!


Look at it this way:

I'm on a diet. Starting out, I'm so darn sure I'd go through it and I'd lose all the weight. And then I see the glorious, massive bag of CLOVER CHIPS on the food cabinet. And it has sour cream dip to go with it too! OHHHHHHHHHH the temptation.

But I resisted.

And now I'm left with an awful feeling.

NO. NO. NO. That's not what's happening with me. I just used that to make you understand how bad I'm feeling right now.

I suck. I feel like a shite. And I'm in a shi cree withou a padd (notice the missing letters?)


Saw a girl in a white Ramones shirt at school today.

I could have died of jealousy. It was nice and in full-color. And nice. And nice. And nice.

:-( And Angeli kept pointing it out. I wonder if the girl in the white shirt listens to the Ramones too. We'd make good buddies if she does. Cool.


weeheeeeeee... Ang sarap kantahin ng kanta ng Ramones. Nothing high, nothing too low. Just right. And they're catchy. And the lyrics aren't hard to remember.

I was singing The KKK Took My Baby Away too much, Angeli pretty much knew that line of the song already. Eh.

Enough about the old stuff. Walang nakakarelate. :-(


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