Monday, April 28, 2008

happy blog-niversary!!!

Have I told you I've been blogging here for a year already?

The blog-niversary is April 19. Huh.

Why is it that when I reach the one-year point, I suddenly want a change of scene, a change of blogs, a change of URL or whatever?

I guess I just can't stay in one place.

But whatever.

One year, huh! And I've only had 2 LAYOUTS!!!

HAH, I think that's something to be proud of! I think.

OR whatever.

And so far, 6,156 hits!!!

WOOOOOW, that's a lot! I mean that may be how many BryanBoy gets in a day, but for me...

...That's a LOT!!!!!!!

Although I'm making a good guess atleast 5% of those are from me, from the constant checking and reviewing and seeing if I said something wrong or if I misspelled something.

Oo na, grammar nazi na!!!

But I mean, before I used to do all sorts of things to get more hits and comments, pero ngayon, I'm not even doing anything! Just doing my stuff and making daldal and kwento. :))

Ano kaya meron, no?

Walang daya yan, ha. Check my counter at the bottom of my nav page.

I mean I still don't get a LOT of comments per post, but don't blame that on me, blame it on the READERS WHO WON'T LET ME KNOW THEY'RE READING! Kayo ha. Sige na, let me know. I won't bite. Kahit naman wala kayong blog it's okay eh.

I don't even have that much links...but really, the numbers really surprise me!!! And where people come from! I've got dots on Europe and America and in Asia too. Massive dots for the Philippines, which is not very surprising. razz

I'll check back on May 7 to see how much the numbers have grown (or not.)

I think I've come a long way in blog-dom. Some people come up to me in school and tell me they enjoy reading my blog. mrgreen Hindi ko nga alam na binabasa nila eh!

But Thank You, people. Really.redface

I mean... Wala lang, I feel like I'm a better person than in my previous blog. lol

Or maybe I'm just imagining things, or whatever.

THANKS talaga for everyone who care to drop by and read!!!

Vicky LOVES you soooo much!!! razz

You make me so, so happy. wink


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