Thursday, April 17, 2008

i like being lost. i like kicking balls too.
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(I love their old songs. :D And their vocalist really does look like the Gerard Way dude from MCR. I just saw the video. They even QUITE sound the same, the voice ha. But there's no contest on whose dark songs are better. :)) )
The Remedy - Jason Mraz
Vicky loves Jason Mraz.
Straight Lines - Silverchair
* * *

Okay, medyo negative yung last post ko. But whatever. It's called freedom of speech. Bato-bato sa langit, tamaan wag magalit.

Throw rocks at the heavens, who's hit don't be anger.


* * *

I'm going to talk about yesterday. It's sad that I don't have pictures to accompany my kwentos, but wtheck right.

* * *

I played football last night at the Tahanan football field. Football Fanatics, the program's called. And HELL, little did I know that I would be playing with kids. Kids, man. Kids younger than my younger sister.

But you know what? IT'S FUN.

* * *

Let's start from the tragicnosity of my travels to Lia's home.

Everyone knows it's been raining these past few days. But yesterday was an extraordinarily sunny day.

Extraordinarily sunny, atleast until my trike arrived at the waiting station in Toyota.

Yes, I'm not EVEN exaggerating an inch. So I was waiting for quite a while in Toyota for my trike. Many ones arrive, but sadly, not many enough to actually reach me. So I wait. A few empty ones arrive, but they take a U-Turn. I wait... and wait. And then when I finally see one approaching me...then it starts to pour. The rain, not the tricycles. So I, being a really sunny person, (excuse me, but THE FCKNG DRILL IS EXHAUSTING MY EARS.) I just enjoyed the ride. Atleast malamig, and the rain isn't so bad. In fact, I like how it feels when it hits my skin while the tricycle breezes on.

And then, because I'm really a very LUCKY girl, the rain suddenly became heavier. But you know, I really enjoyed it. I could name a dozen people who would cringe and who would hate what happened to me, in any case that they were in the same situation as I, but I enjoyed it. It was raining, and I didn't mind getting wet (I was wearing a dri-fit shirt anyway.) and it was a good and different feeling. The trike driver even stopped at a small place to wait the rain out, because it was raining so hard. But I'm good, and I'm cool, and I was born chill, so there.

Okay so the rain stops for a while, and lo and behold, here comes the sun! Not even exaggerating (not a huge fan of exaggerating things). The rain stops and the sun suddenly says hi.

Dammit. From lamig, to init kagad. So we reach their street. The stubborn driver didn't even try to reach the end of the street! He assumed na wala kagad yung #14 dun sa part ng road. But of course, I trusted the driver anyway, so I allowed him to drive on. What could I do anyway?

So drive, drive the driver does.

We finally reach the other part of Lia's street. He stops at a blue-gated house who has number 14 nga naman. Okay. No one comes out.

Vicky: I'm in front of your house na.
Lia: San ka?
Vicky: Anong color ng
gate niyo?
Lia: white. You're not here!
Vicky: Sigurado ka bang kanan na
*insert Lia's street*
Lia: Kanan dapat! Sa may clubhouse nga diba?

Okay, it's well-established that I was lost since Lia declared that her house's gate is white.

But Vicky being Vicky, I didn't panic. Why the hell would I?

So I pace up and down the street, looking for another house with a #14 with it. Buying time for Lia to reply, contemplating on what to do.

But I did it all holding my pretty pink umbrella up with a smile on my face.

I just realized that I like being lost. I'm such a chill person, I'd probably find a way to go home if I lost my mum in MOA. I like discovering things for myself. Myself alone. Although it's always nice and much more funnier to be lost with someone else... I just enjoy the company of myself a lot these days. So there, I like being lost.

Pacing up and down the length of the street, a kind lady comes out of one house and asks...

Lady: "Hija, saan ka?"
Vicky: #14 *insert Billie's street* daw po?
"Ayy Hija, sa kabilang part yun. Doon oh. *points to a gate dividing the two
streets* sa likod nung malaking kotse"
Vicky: Paano po pumunta dun?
Lady: Iikot ka pa, hija.
Vicky: Saan po?
Lady: Doon sa may tapat ng

And then I remember the street that we first passed by kanina.

Vicky: Thank you po! :)

And then it started to rain again.

Walk. Walk. Walk.

After a matter of minutes, the sun comes up.

I all do this, once again, with my trusty umbrella and a smile plastered on my face.

Because that's how I felt. I smiling. It's a different feeling. I do like getting lost. :)) That's saying something. Getting lost in BF is no joke. :))

So I FINALLY reach Lia's place, all sweaty and all...

...But I never counted myself as an unlucky girl, even after all that happened. :)

* * *

And then there were the "characters".
In case you're wondering, I'm playing football/soccer.

I rode Lia's car with her parents up to Tahanan Village's park. When Lia said that she was playing with kids, I thought that:

a) there were a few people our age as well.
b) kids, being Chiara's age.

Well, I was almost right on both assumptions. We have a Korean "classmate" who's 17 years old, who doesn't talk, and who looks like a kid. He doesn't look like 17, that's what I'm saying. So there WAS a PERSON our age.

And the kids, oh the kids. The kids are grouped by age. And holy hell. The kids I played with are probably 8-11 years old.


And the only people who look are age are I, Billie and her teammate, Chiaki.

It sounds weird when I say it, but I almost actually didn't notice that I was playing with kids. There were 11 boys and 6 girls. The 3 being us, the giants, and the other 3 being Carla, Bianca and the other one whose name I didn't hear.

But here's the catch.

Kahit wala kaming ka-age, kahit walang gwapo na ka-age namin (wala, kahit dun sa mga naglalaro sa court. But I didn't look, I'm on boy withdrawal.)...

Gwapo nga yung coach namin. :-))

My neighbor MuyMuy's boyfriend Jet has told me about him prior to my training. Gwapo nga daw. Kahit siya, na conceited na Arabo (I say this with much affection) sinasabi na gwapo si Coach AVERY.

Heehee Nice name. Avery. Sosy pakinggan.

So Coach Avery. Coach Avery isn't my type, since he doesn't sport the tall and big look, but he is, I would bet, generally considered as gwapo. He speaks really good English (plus points. :) ) And he's nice and good with kids.

But you don't want to hear that. You want to hear what type of gwapo he is.

Think Rico Yan, but semi square-jawed, and a bit darker, with longer hair. For short: chinito with darkish skin. Which is okay with me, because I don't usually like fair guys (with the exception of THIS guy, who radiates because he is so white. i'm talking about my grade 4 crush. the SOURCE OF LIGHT.) He is quite skinny, but muscular.

Like I said, not my type of body type. :))

But he's nice, and he's kind and....

He said we were good defenders!!! And he was looking at me when he said that!!! HAHA.

Inunahan na ako ni Lia sakanya. But still. Atleast may eye candy sa field. I mean come on. I can't ogle the kids, that would be child abuse.

Also, he didn't seem to pick on us because we were the older kids.

And he knows my name! HAHAHA.

And he's pretty cool. He taught us how to do the scissors(!!!) and some other techniques that I FORGOT.

Pretty basic stuff, but I do like sweating, especially when I'm having fun while sweating.

And the kids. The kids are AMAZING players!

Especially Bianca. Bianca the girl who helps coach a lot. Bianca who scored 3 goals for us!!! But I like all the kids. They're! They tease and taunt and flaunt.

I don't know all the boys yet. They're 11, and they all look alike to me. But I'd bet they'd be gwapo, conyo boys when they grow up. HAHA.

* * *

And then there was scrimmage.

Scrimmage is when we "play". We were divided into two teams, and then we play against each other.

Coach grouped me with the "vests" team. Vests being the Yellow Victory Liner vests. I remember one kid saying...

"Oh maaan! Not the Victory Liner!!!"

Hahah nakakatuwa.

I didn't mind being separated from Lia and Chiaki because... a) I was with kids anyway, no one would yell at me for sucking. b) I'm used to being alone anyways.

So coach distributed the vests to kids...I don't know what method he used. But I was hoping he would distribute to either Lia and Chiaki. But no. So there.

First, coach asked who wanted to be a defender.

Being a true-blue defender, I wanted to be a defender. And no one among the kids wanted to be a defender. So I raised my hand anyway. It's better than being a goalie.

But tomorrow, I'll definitely try to be a striker. Woo.

But hey, I think if I were to play in the field, I was born to be a defender. Hehehe.

The thing is, sometimes though, I forget what to do. I space out in the field. Like if there's a striker coming in with the ball, I don't know what to do. Do I make agaw? Do I kick the ball out of his feet?

One thing I do know though. I have a thing for injuring people.

Last summer, I injured both shins of one teammate of mine overnight. One shin each day. This summer, I injured Lia's toe.

Kawawa yung mga bata pag ako kalaban. I'm guessing it's better that I'm a defender.

Haaay. Training bukas. Orange day tomorrow! We have two uniforms kasi, and the kids wear Gray on Wednesdays and Orange on Fridays. I'll see Billie and the rest of the kids and our cute coach nanaman.

Haaaay. Long posts strain my brain.

Peace y'all.




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