Monday, April 21, 2008

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The neighbour's, buggering her laptop once again. Muymuy's finally back from her trip to Bohol, and I'm guessing we're trekking off to SM later to get some snacksies.

That is one of the loveliest things about being near a mall.

* * *

Badum...bawap. Badum...bawap.

I'm bored with my blog.

And it feels so unfair to have a new layout and a new link when there are so many photoshop "jobs" that I have in line.

Eh it's not my fault I know myself better, therefore making it easy for me to make stuff!

Haaah. I'm thinking of which URL i'd get.

* * *

F*CK people who make blogspots, FORGET to log in them for AGES and then just... LEAVE, without even closing their account!

I checked out one URL that I'd like to have. And when I went to the site, THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! No letter or whatever. I mean, people. people please. Sayang yung mga magaganda niyong URL.

Haaaay. I'd have to find a way around this name that I'm thinking of.

Oh shit.

Now I'm stuck with two URLs that I like.


Bahala na.

It's either the decent, out-of-this-world one, or the rockandroll ish one.

If you know me, you'd know which one I'm leaning toward to.


Anyways. I'd be back when something juicy hits me. I'd be having them snacksies at the FoodCourt. :D


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