Friday, April 4, 2008

Touch my body nanananananna.

I just saw the Making of the Video on MTV. Making of the Videos are always, always interesting. I've been watching those things since...well I first saw them. Regardless of the video. They always make me appreciate the video more. :P


Okay. Let's get this straight. I will never accept your Friendster application blah blah thing so don't even bother inviting me. Yes, yes, I understand you just click and click away and you don't check the people you want to share the apps with, 'cause Friendster selects the people who don't have the apps yet...and then they send invitations to that person.

SOOO since it only takes a few clicks lang naman, kindly uncheck my name nalang, since I have got Facebook to worry about, and it takes a lot of time to click and ignore invitations. :-)

ANG DAMI KASI KAYA!!! Friendster's running on turtle-speed right now.


Well, so this wreaks. My sister's running the PC 24/7 (I am obviously exaggerating), I can't do much of my stuff anymore. I have numerous pending projects for many different people...and well, I can't do them. I've been editing Angel's pictures, but I've only done 3, and the ideas are coming in real slow. Although I like what I've done with her pictures.

Angeli's layout is done, but i'm not satisfied with the header, so I'm going to change it pa. It has to be perfect. After all, it IS my birthday gift to her.

I still have to get a head-start on my Mum's multiply layout (yes, she has a multiply, don't ask.) since it's supposed to be my Christmas gift to her. Obviously, matagal na 'to, but I'm putting it off anyway.

And then there's Chiara's layout.

And then people are asking me to teach them Photoshop.

Imagine, if I charged for these edits, I'd be damn rich by now.

But I won't do that, since my "clients" are surely going to run the other way. (I volunteered on editing Angel's pictures, though.)

I'm planning to charge a MINIMAL (minimalminimalminimal) fee for teaching Photoshop, and I'm sure the people who want to learn won't mind. I think. I mean come on. If they're coming over here, they're going to make use of our electricity and blah blah blah, and I'd have to feed them, so LUGI ako. I mean, we have to be business-minded here.

It makes me sound like a hypocrite when I'm on business-mind mode.

But whatevs, man. If I don't get any clients after I charge, then so be it. Who the heck gives photoshop lessons with a minimal fee?

I AM really excited though, if my friends do come over and ask me to teach them. I am quite good at teaching people, and I am quite patient with these things, so yeah.

If you want to be taught, I teach CS2. Basic stuff...and a little more on the side.

I DON'T DO VECTORS. Atleast not yet. I'm on my way.

That is, when my sister hands me the mouse and the keyboard.


I haven't been updating for a while since I don't...want to. Hahaha. Oh look, I have been blogging on this blog for 1 year in 15 days!

I hope I stay on track until forever. :-)

Grabe, everyone has come and everyone has gone, and I'm still here.

And I'm glad many people appreciate and enjoy what I write. And I'm glad I haven't been getting any bashes or rude comments. Maybe they're scared, 'cause I do kick ass. I really do.

*insert sweet smile*

And it feels good to do something that you never expected for other people to enjoy. Back in my old home, MissUnderstood, it has been more on how to get more hits, or how to get more comments, or how to have the most links.

And then suddenly, blogging lost all its meaning.

I wouldn't let it happen, so I moved. Here.

And then things didn't matter anymore. It didn't matter if one post didn't have any comment, it didn't matter what I listened to, it barely mattered on how updated and cool my layout looks.

My blog has evolved with me. :-)

And to be completely honest with you, I didn't expect it to be "quite" popular, I mean I've never gotten 5000 hits before. 1% of that is probably from me, refreshing and refreshing, checking if I have any wrong spellings or wrong grammars.

Yep, definitely your English nazi right here.

So anyways, yeah it's pretty cool many people read this thing, ALTHOUUUUGH I don't know EVERYBODY who does. It would be cool if you left a message and let me know that you were here. I mean come on, you could comment without having a blog (unlike in multiply), and you could even leave a tag on the tagboard if you wanted to.

And please don't sign in Anonymous, it...
a) freaks the hell out of me.
b) annoys me.
c) bugs the hell out of me.

I won't be mad at you or whatever, you know. Comments and tags make me happy. They really do.

And this thing made me realize that I really do like writing, and that I really am quite good at it. If people enjoy what they read, then I must be doing something right.


Anyways, I'm planning to revamp this blog, give it a diffent look, and a different URL that's more ME than anything else.

That is...once again, once my sister hands me the mouse and the keyboard.


I know I'm going to sound like a TOTAL hypocrite when I say this...

But I want to go shopping.

I mean, I still have money left from my Christmas money, plus my grandfather hasn't given me my gift yet. I'm planning to ask for money. The same worth that he gave Chiara for RockBand. para fair.

And I really need more clothes. I've been having more "oh,i have no clothes to fit my mood" episodes. So yeah. I need more options.

On another note, I need new havaianas. OOOOH, HAVS. I secretly get annoyed when people call Havaianas Havs. Wala lang, it's just me. Havaianas is so nice-sounding, why cut it off to Havs?

But seriously, it's a need. Yeah, I have many pairs already, (i have 6 pair, 2 of which I don't use, but my mother does :)) ) but they're kind of old, and thinning already. I don't even give a crap about Havaianas anymore, as long as I have one pair or whatever. Basta may masusuot. It's summer pa naman.

And on the same (foot) note, I need ballet flats. It's hard finding ballet flats for my feet, since they are seriously...massive. I like...have webbed feet or something. But I find ballet flats elegant and easy to wear and comfortable...Once I find nice ones. With flats, I always get one size higher, since...the width of my feet doesn't match its height.

And then what kind of footwear do I need.

Oh, sandals. Preferably the gladiator kind. They look good on my feet eh. I don't know, something to do with its line cutting off this and that and whatever. They make me look like my feet are proportioned. It's not like I'm getting in to the trend bandwagon, God forbid. It's just that they make my feet look GOOOOD, man! Although...the straps can't be good for my calves. Ahhh well.

Well this is fun.

What else do I need.

OOOHH Tim Yap is launching a new line of ODM watches. I was REALLY disappointed when I didn't get to buy the first version, the white one. Grabe. I mean I know Tim Yap is this and that and there are all sorts of things running on the mill about him, but his watches are great. And I need a decent updated watch, and a decent classic watch. But I can always borrow a decent classic watch from my mum, so there.

Oh, I need a decent, vintage, shirtdress. I'm not looking for a khaki one anymore, it makes me look like a mom, according to my visualization.



Anyways, I must stop before I sound ditzy.


Okay people I'm signing off. Leave your comments, yeah? Heaven knows I can't resist returning them, I feel guilty when I don't. Only big blog-stars do that, since they basically have the right.

And...well I'm not a big blog-star.

Atleast not yet. =))


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