Wednesday, April 9, 2008

of couples, prince charmings and fairytales.
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Like A Star - Corinne Bailey Rae

I LOVE THIS SONG. Grabe. It's officially my kilig song. :-)


Grabe naman. Their sweetness and ability to draw breaths from everyone (well, the boy part of the couple atleast) is unbearable. They make me want to slit my wrists. Nakakainis. Some people have it all. Grrrrrrr :-)) Ang cute cute cute cute cute nilang dalawa. Well I'm speaking about the boy, for the most part.

When I saw the set of pictures, I was like... WOAH.

Is this the guy that I once knew? The guy that I liked, and NOBODY else saw the reason why? (besides MADZ. o ayan na. HAHAH) Grabe, ang galing ha.

And then I was really SHIVERING when I was thinking of him. (With accompaniment, courtesy of Ms. Corinne Bailey Rae, of course) Shivering and tingling when I imagine myself being the one smiled at, being the one who's hugged, being the one who's...


It's not like I want them to break up or something. No no no NO. 'Cause even if they do...hello, para namang papatulan ako nung lalaki. Let's be honest here. And besides, they're PERFECT for each other. No one else fits the bill for him better than she does... and the same thing with the girl as well.

Pero seryoso pare, he takes my freaking BREATH AWAY. Everytime I see him, it's either INhale or EXhale. "Oh" or "Haaa". Napapatameme ako, napapatanga. Grabe.

Kinikilig i'imagine na siya boyfriend mo.

Buti nalang hindi niya binabasa tong blog na 'to, kunde kikilabutan yun.

At kung binabasa niya man (hindi ko lang alam kung pano niya gagawin yun), malamang hindi niya malalaman na siya.

At kung malaman niya man, ESMYUSKEE, DAPAT FLATTERED KA!

Pero on a more serious note, the both of them represent my "dream" couple. Alam mo yun. You know each other, you understand each other, you share the same interests...

I can actually imagine them in a scene from a fairytale. With the guy decked in old-skool Prince Charming clothes, and the girl...well, in princess, pouffy dress.

Ayan na, naiimagine ko na sila.

Beauty and the Beast?


* * *

I imagine the girl in a Snow White story. She eats the poisoned apple, swoons, and then the seven dwarfs (SINO kaya yung seven dwarfs???) suddenly come rushing to Prince **** (ehem, Charming).

[song number muna. Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho. pang-asar lang.]

And then the Prince comes, complete with the crown worth millions of pesos (God knows that isn't worth much in the stock exchange) and a white horse. Kind of like what donkey looked like after he...drank the super potion thing.

I imagine him galloping, slashing out branches that hinder his way to his one and true love. His face showing anger and rage. "The stupid m*th*rf*ck*n b*tch killed my babe, maan." rushes through his mind.

HAHAHAH NATATAWA AKO, I CAN ACTUALLY IMAGINE WHAT I'M SAYING, and I highly encourage that you do the same. but if you don't know who i'm talking about, edi think of another couple that you like din. (saaay, angelina and brad.)

Tapos like in a bad comedy, because he's too busy cursing in his brain, he hits a MASSIVE branch and falls to the floor.

Pero we're not in a bad comedy, we're in a fairytale, so I'll omit that part out.

He's angry, his teeth bared and smoke is coming out from his nostrils. (sorry, nakakabangag ang masyadong pagbabad sa photoshop)

He finally reaches his destination and gets out of his horse with much suave, grace and finesse. (naiimagine ko pati pag descend niya sa horse. he does this jump thing that i wouldn't even care to explain, since you won't understand it anyway.)

He brushes the dirt from his ass, slowly walking towards the coffin where his true love lay.

"KISS HER! KISS HER!" say the 7 dwarfs in their chipmunk voices. (no other way to describe small voices)

And so he kisses her.

May glass pala sa coffin.

Not funny if your imagination doesn't work, my dear.

So the dwarfs officially open the coffin...

And then he kisses Snow White aka Princess ****. The sun sets, the 7 dwarfs cheer and they all live happily ever after...

...except for the Wicked Witch, of course.

* * *

I think I might have found the Ramones jacket that I have been lusting for. I edited the background color so you could see it clearly.


You have no idea how far and wide I've searched, yun pala dun ko din makikita sa main site nila. I don't care if it's for guys. Me no give shite.

I just hope and pray that it has pockets. 'Cause if it doesn't, I'd have to think twice. I'm a big pocket person.


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