Thursday, April 17, 2008

social objections.
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The NOISE made by the DRILL. The F-in DRILL. Dammit. They're starting on the construction. Basic stuff palang naman, and lolo says we don't have to move out, so yey for that. It's just hard to much men in the house, when you're used to an all-girl household. I swear to the heavens above, Champ our dog is the only one gifted with the Y chromosome. I'm having doubts on Mikee the dog's sexuality. I think he's gay. Or maybe he's just a sweetie. But still. Mikee the dog is also Mikee the fat one. Mikee is huge. My Vanilla, on the other hand, is considerably sexy. Buti pa aso ko. :-)) And have I told you about our beautiful Labrador, Macy? I like her. She reminds me of myself. In fact, I've been told that if I were a dog, I'd be a Labrador. A brown one. Just like Macy.

Oh what the heck, might as well listen to my iPod.

Really Listening to:
Merry Happy - Kate Nash
When Did Your Heart Go Missing - Rooney
Daisy Duke - Rooney
If It Were Up To Me - Rooney
All Star - Smashmouth (YEHES NOW.)
I Am the Walrus - Bono and the Secret Machines
THIS IS A GOOD COVER! :) I want to watch U23D. Whowantstowatchwithme? Because I'm pretty sure my mum would think it's noise.
Always Love - Nada Surf
Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

* * *

I'm a pretty critical person. But the nice thing about that is that regardless of what I judge on first (and most often last) sight, I don't take it against them. For example, when I see an old man wearing really high socks with red low-cut Chucks and then puruntong shorts, I just...see it. Most definitely not a sight for sore eyes, but it doesn't mean that I'm not willing to be friends with him, or atleast have a conversation with him. I don't take it against his personality or whatever. Because behind the red low-cut Chucks and high socks, I know there exists an exemplary lolo to his grandkids.

Don't ask why I know. I just do, okay?

But there are of course, exceptions that make the rule.

So Social Objections.

* * *

The following are Vicky's Social Objections. If you actually do these, well then that's your problem. Not mine. You can't please everyone, and most especially not me. But of course, exceptions almost always make the rule a rule, so there.

Very VERY common for South people (South people being the people from Paranaque, Las Pinas and Muntinlupa). You know how this works? Your shirt's collar is raised. You get what I mean? If you don't, then skip to number 2. I won't waste time describing it, for you might be very dim. Basta it's when you put your collar up instead of down. I find it really daft and naff, actually. For short: It's NOT cool.


Shades are used to shield your eyes from the sun. And I'm a very practical person. So add it all up. The sum? I dislike it when you wear shades when you don't particularly need to. It's not cool. So unless you're trying to hide a cockroach bite in your eye, or you're actually blind (like those men at the Rondalla ensemble on Duty Free) don't wear shades inside the mall. Or at night. OR, my dear friends, at the dark PARKING LOT. (Yes, there was a lady driver who was attempting to park with her shades on. Result? Nabunggo niya yung bulok na van sa harap niya. TWICE.)

Exceptions: Sunny malls. For example: Eastwood before sunset, Serendra before sunset, or the Corte de las Palmas area of ATC. But once you're IN the mall na talaga, please take it off. Or some people are actually cool-looking enough to pull this look off. Congratulations, if you are one of them.

3. Guy + Eyeliner = GUYLINER
I like this word. I learned it from Angeli last night. Guy liner is...well, DO THE MATH. No decent man should wear eyeliner. I think it sucks. Inggit lang kayo sa mga lalaki na mukhang may eyeliner pero wala. Those are the men that you should fall in love with. Doe-eyes. Haaaaayyyyyyy .

Exceptions: NOBODY. Not even Pete Wentz. Does he really have a line of eyeliners?

Leather jackets, okay. The Ramones donned them(crush ko nga pala si DeeDee Ramone nung bata pa siya.Kilig.), and so did James Dean. Bad-ass look kagad. Leather couches, why not? Leather wallet, leather briefcase, leather shoes, bring em on. Leather underwear? Why not. Just don't let anyone see them. But one thing where leather doesn't work is...well pants. It looks naff and daft. Nobody should let anyone out on leather pants, not even AI's skweeshee cutie David Archuleta.

Exceptions: Motorcycle guys, only because they'll beat you up if you laugh at them leather pants. But their asses really might stink a lot. Sweaty ass + leather? Uh-oh.

I don't know any dude who looks respectable in a tight shirt. Even the Fitness First Guy doesn't look good in it. In fact, he looks gay in it. If you want to show off your biceps, triceps, whatever don a wife-beater or something. Please. Anything but a shirt that's smaller than your supposed-to-be-size. You know a good alternative? White undershirts. :)) Even my dad looks a wee better in them.

Exceptions: Cristiano Ronaldo. HAHAHAHAH. He's no ordinary dude.

* * *

Yun lang. In fact, based on a small survey, a lot of people do find these things objectionable. Simply because well, they're not practical. Eyeliners on guys, shades when you don't really need them? Others are really just plain naff. The leather pants. Ohhh the leather pants.

But when these things DO apply to you, don't take it against me that you look stupid. BUT some people appear too cool to actually make me cringe (in fact, I salute them for being brave. They make the social objection look good.), so yeah. When you do uhm...apply these things to yourself, make sure that you atleast could CARRY the look. Anything looks good with confidence. Pero jologs lang kasi talaga tignan sa ibang tao.

Peace, y'all.

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