Friday, April 11, 2008

this is a long one full of shite. :-)
Listening to:
You and I Both - Jason Mraz
Leave Before the Lights Come On - Arctic Monkeys
All Star - Smashmouth

Which makes me remember, DUDE! Remember when we liked Sugar Ray?

Buti nalang halos pareho kami ng taste sa music.

I'm not home, I'm at:
The neighbor's place, bugging them place hahaha. No, seriously. I'm at my childhood friends' place, buggering her laptop out.

Laptops almost always seem to make me want to blog. So yeah.

What the people here are doing:
My sister and Ate Monica are setting up the RockBand drumset...yeah, we lugged it all the way to her place, which is pretty much just across the street. Margot, on the other hand, is toying with the PC. We are currently in her brother's room.

* * *

Does anyone want to learn Photoshop?

Market research. :-))

* * *

Dahil gusto ko i'share...

I love Studio 23 for airing out replays from NCAA. I don't really care much for UAAP, I don't really have anyone to look for, as opposed to NCAA.

I saw a game between San Beda and Mapua from October 2004, was it? Basta 2004 approximately 3 to 4 years ago. OINK. Too tiring to do the math of everything. :D

And THEN I saw what I was looking for.

A huge, block-faced NUMBER 9 in color red, with a white background.

Yeah, number 9. Yousif Aljamal.

GRABE ANG FREAKY NG ITSURA NIYA. It's scary. It's not like he's disgusting looking before or anything... if my estimation is right, he's about 1st year college at that time. Or whatevs. Tapos WOAH.

He really REALLY (really really really really) does look like... an old classmate.

Yeah. I'll shut up now. But it's so scary. I mean really, man. Even my sister got weirded out.

Grabe, nakakatakot. Buti nalang Monica made lipat, proclaiming "Ayoko niyan, gusto ko UAAP." (she studies at DLSU eh.)

Pero okay lang, gwapo pa din naman si Aljamal eh.

:-)) L O S E R .

* * *

Did you see Idol Gives Back last night?

Teri Hatcher should have chosen a different song.

I loved the Idols' Measuring Life in love thing. The five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes thaang. Ang gleng gleng!

Even Hanna Montana. Or the Miley girl. Nakakatuwa yung song niya. :-))

* * *

What else was I going to say?

* * *

I want want want a laptop. I swear, okay lang kahit ito na. It has the basic Vista version, so lahat pwede dito, and it's pretty looking, and it has a big screen, and it's HP, and it's black.

Yey. :-)

Pero I still want a Mac.

And I'm really excited with the prospect of having a DSLR. My mum says she has a friend who's selling a DSLR. Oink oink oink. And then she has a friend coming over who takes photos. I can ask him to teach me.

And then when my mom finally sees my expertise (NOT) maybe she'll be convinced that I really do have talent, and that I deserve a DSLR.

Grabe, maluho ako. Woy there.

* * *

I want to ago frolicking in the field again, kicking balls. Hopefully this Wednesday. My mom is itching to put me back on my spikes. And I really do miss the game.

* * *


* * *

It's hard to lose weight. Especially for girls. It's hard to lose weight when you particularly don't really need to. It's hard to lose weight when you have non-existent self-control. It's hard to lose weight when everyone around you ISN'T trying to lose weight. It's hard losing weight when you were practically gulping coke, even in your mum's tummy. It's hard losing weight when you grow up eating junkfood.

But the thing is...

it's harder to lose weight when you're much older. As in 30-something old.

I have a bone structure that would put a freaking DINOSAUR to shame. I swear to God, I have the biggest bones. And well, I'm big. I really am. I'm like freaking KC Concepcion, without the pretty factor and without the height.

Okay, well maybe not KC. I'd look like tae when I sit beside her.

What's the point of this post anyway?

Wala lang, to console myself that I'm eating a lot of shit and I haven't run the treadmill, the elliptical or the StairMaster in...approximately 3 days. Eww.

Pffft. I'm just a kid, and I shouldn't even be thinking of these things. But whatever.


Bwaahahahahha. Ang daya. guys lose weight MUCH easier.

* * *

Grabe, I'm lucky I was born with a sense of rhythm. Some people aren't.

I mean we're doing RockBand right now, and wow. Some people are hopeless. :-))

Not really, baka maaga rin lang ako nahilig sa DrumMania kaya kaya ko. But whatebs man. :-)

* * *

I need a new book. I've just finished reading Princess Mia.

Approximate reading time: 2 days.

Well technically, it's a day, maybe even less. But I read it for two days, disregarding the hour count, so yes.


Nakakainis. Sobrang na-savor ko nga yung book, pero ang bilis ko pa din magbasa. Word for word ko nang binabasa.

Bakit ganun.

I should start going to Book Sale. Atleast mura mga reads dun.


Anyways, the book was good. Ang galing galing galing. :-) GO JP! hahaha

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