Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vicky can't boil an egg.

Hay. I prefer JackTV nowadays.

I LOVE Brainiac. They do the stupid experimenting for you! It's awesome.

And the cartoons, of course.

* * *

I'm planning to take cooking lessons on the 8th of May but I CAN'T BOIL AN EGG.

How SIMPLE is it? It's a no-brainer thing. It's even a giveaway on the name. You boil and egg.


But that's the thing. I'm guessing that my friend Angelique is right. I overthought things once again, and I managed to take off the egg a tad too early.

The disgusting part is, I still took the egg, cut it up (even if the yolk burst out) and put it carefully in my bread. White bread. I know anything white is the enemy of anyone who wants to lose weight, but there was no wheat bread available, and I was SERIOUSLY craving for an egg sandwich. And hell hath no craving like Vicky's.

And besides, that was already my 2nd ruined boiled egg. Sayang yung itlog noh.


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