Saturday, April 5, 2008

Vicky's iTunes obsession compulsion (!)
Listening to:
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC


I cannot believe I did this.

The properly capitalized Names and Songs (Lahat dapat Ganito: Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic at the Disco), I can understand.


What has happened to me?

It was fun, though. I've Wikipedia-d all the unsure genres, and well...Most of my music consists of...Alternative Rock and Old School stuff. But Old School has subgenres too (Pop, Rock, Punk, Hard Rock) HAHAHAH

But really, this is OBSESSIVE.

How come all my songs are categorized to perfection (I have yet to be crazy enough to actually research all the songs' albums, covers and lyrics)...

...but I can't take care of the iPod itself properly?

I mean, yeah it has a case, and it's Pink and it's dirty now. Dirty Pink. Not very nice looking. I should buy a black one the next time. I saw a cute one from Clio. Black with green outline. It's nice.


Oh wow, I can't even start on the earphones.

These earphones that I have now are the SECOND of the two original iPod earphones that i got.

The first one?


Who the hell loses earphones?


Well I lost them when we went to Philippine Normal University, so there. I was taking too much care of them, because when I just bought them, I put them in a small, separate bag. And now someone borrowed the iPod, and there goes the earphones...Ayun, di nabantayan.

And now I have to buy a new one. Because I FREAKING STEPPED on the left earphone. And now it's...pangit na. :-( Doesn't sound nice anymore.

Come on, Vicky. COME ON. I should be a lot like Chiara. 7 words I never thought that would escape my mouth. Or my mind. Or technically, my fingertips. But really, that girl has a lot of things to teach about taking care of things, no matter how expensive or inexpensive they are. I mean the moment she bought a new phone, she instantly bought a new case for it. And then a new crystal case everytime she broke the one that she has. Her Nintendo DS is in mint condition, and so was her Gameboy before she sold it. And now, she's so OC about me and her PSP. She watches every move I make... "UYYY, wag masyado madiin pindot!!!"


Back to my earphones.

Do you have ANY idea how much one is? And do you have ANY idea how much all my earphones have costed? (down to the one i bought after I ruined the proper and original earphones that came from the iPod up to the latest one) Yup, if I've taken better care of those 'phones, I would have been able to buy atleast 3 things from any random High Street store.

Dapat siguro headphones na bilhin ko. The massive ones.

Ehhhh ang hirap dalhin eh. Yeah, I like them, and they look cool, they give off the whole "I like music shut up now I'm listening I'm cool" vibe, but yeah, they're big. And expensive, if you like the high-quality ones.

I can't take bad earphones. Come on, I put these babies on my ear everyday. It's an investment (?).

So yep, off to Greenbelt I trek to buy iPod earphones.
(Mas mahal sa ATC. it's 1,500 in ATC and only 1,300 in the Apple Retail Shop thing at GB. Huhu. That's one top off Mango.)


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