Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tv in our room, reading what they write, friendster, multiply and wanderlust.
Blind Date

This show is so dated. No good stuff on this show. How old is this show anyway?

* * *

I felt like blogging, just for the sake of it. :)) That's what I do when I read nice blogs. I feel like blogging.

* * *

It's so nice to have a TV in your room. Well technically MY room, it's mine, Chiara's and my mum's room. Don't ask how the arrangements are that way, it involves a psycho-analysis of my Mum, so there. My clothes and other stuff are at "our old room".

So back to the TV. It all felt so alien to me since I started hanging out here more last night. It isn't technically alien. How many rooms have I been to that had a TV in it?

It just dawned on me that I could stay here the whole day and live. There's the TV after all, and there's this laptop, and I can just put on my Sixteen Candles DVD and I will live.

It's so awesome. I'm watching the Simpsons in my bed! Nyahaha. I don't have to bother about bringing an electric fan out to the living room because it makes me feel guilty to have two aircons on simultaneously. (The one in OUR room is almost always running.)

My mum is thinking of buying a plasma TV for our living room, JUST TO MAXIMIZE THE SPACE, and if EVER that we have spare money left (medoubts it, though) Of course, if I mention it out loud, it means that I am jinxing it, so I won't be expecting a sleek, black wine-glass flat-screen TV (come on, we've all seen THAT commercial before the movies) in the near future.

But if EVER it happens, it's going to be a toss-up for me and Chiara between the TV and the PC. We're going to have our own rooms after the house is renovated, and the PC won't have any place to stay in. It simply can't stay outside, and it can't stay in our mum's room. SO it's either:

a) we decide who gets the PC
b) we give up one room and make it the PC room. which means we have to share a room, God forbid.

Although I'm still not sure if the TV is up for grabs, since when I gave my mum the idea, she shrugged and said "we could give it to the maid's quarter."

Pretty awesome, since we all don't have to grumble if ate wants to see the lottery numbers, but please. There has to be an equivalent of a PC, if ever someone gets it.

Haaaay. I'm talking about stuff that I doubt will turn out the way I put them here.

* * *

I'm thinking if people actually read what I write. Not that I mind if they don't, because I do that sometimes. I just browse real fast over posts, sometimes not even read them at all. Oftentimes though, I get the nub and the gist of the post. I won't be suprised if people are that way though.

Which isn't the same in my blog, because many different topics are presented in whole lengthy post.

Sometimes, though, one topic makes quite a lengthy post and I will bet my shorts that is where people lose their concentration.

Just recently, I've started reading posts the way I want my "readers" to read mine. I've commented or tagged, if ever commenting wasn't allowed.

It's much better that way, I think. I get to appreciate their blogs more and look forward to more posts. :))

* * *

Friendster is really shitty right now. How come the pictures won't pop out, dammit?

I've been thinking of my old gradeschool friends right now, and I JUST friendstered one of them, and his picture won't pop out! I can't even see his face now!

Ewan ko. I just felt like Friendster-ing them. Feel ko lang. Especially the ones who don't study in my school anymore.

I'm very good with names and faces. :-) I saw my Grade 2 class picture a while ago and I remember everyone, first name and last name, except for this one kid. I remember him, Kookie Akutagawa? I forgot the last name, basta it's Japanese. Akukagawa ata. Basta ganun yung tunog. I wonder how they are now. :)) Do they remember me kaya? I bet not. Boys don't remember those type of things.

Speaking of which, I just edited my friendster AGAIN, I was getting bored of my old layout. Here I am, with a Beatles background. And I ADORE it. IT was a toss-up between the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band inspired artwork or the 100 movie icons one. I love them both. Might use the 100 movie icons when I feel like it.

Clik Here.

Bebols? Man, ang baho. Haha!

* * *

Time flies fast when I am in front of a laptop.

* * *

I also changed my Multiply layout.

Clik HERE.

I hate my URL. I'll probably change it one day. :))

The layout was a half-heart choice, and I just put it on because I wanted something decent on my multiply. It's not quite me, most especially the header. With my luck, I'd have someone thinking I'm referring to them.

I don't like it kasi when someone else has the same layout as mine, but what the heck, I just went to customized themes and clicked away. It's quite cute though, if I say so myself.

I am amazed by the good layouters at Multiply. I mean HOW DO THEY DO IT? Hahaha. I like the headers, especially.

I should experiment more.

And bear to learn the CSS. Man, it's even more complicated than Blogger's. :)) So much parts and stuff. But it's OK. Right now, with all my stuff going on, I need my spare time. :-P

* * *

AAAAACK I have a bad case of Wanderlust, and I know it's genetic. It's not that my mum is experiencing wanderlust, but she DOES like to travel.

I am jealous since she's in Brunei right now.

Well, not really. I don't know if I could see anything in Brunei.

Haaaay. I want to tour the French Indies (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia). And then Singapore, of course. And then Cambodia! Angkor Wat!!! :))

I want to tour the Philippines too.

I'm quite disappointed with myself on this note. I could name very FEW places in the Philippines that I've actually been to. This doesn't count malls, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna and Tagaytay and shopping places.

And then my neighbor whose house I've been frequenting just came home from a Bohol trip, and then she shares that it's the best place to be in, the beach is awesome, and that she thinks that the Philippines is really a beautiful country.

It is, I haven't really got the chance to see it. :)

But right now, I'm itching to go to the French Indies. And JAPAN!!! Woopee.

My sister Chiara gave an opinion at the dinner table the other night. She says that she doesn't want to go to Asian countries besides Japan. I'd guess the reason for that is...well... Asian countries don't necessarily have the "glamour factor" if youknowwhati'msaying. Now don't be mad, I know Singapore and China are fairly glamorous Asian countries, but heck man, she's a
kid. HAHA.

I've tried to convince her to want to go to Vietnam with us in the future, but she irritatedly reply..."eeeeehhhhh...."


* * *

Maybe I should post different topics in different posts.

I'd try that. :))

Hold on.


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