Monday, April 14, 2008

Grey's Anatomy, Season 3 on DVD.

You have no idea how much we buggered the other people on the queue in MusicOne when we say the GA Season 3 DVD on display. I think they were mildly amused, though.

Summer loot to be posted sometime later.


Now I'm watching.
She's All That
Starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook

* * *

Hokey kokey.

I am now, once again, at my neighbor's place, buggering the hell out of her laptop. Exaggerating, of course. Sometimes, I just get off so much on the 'net, I forget what's going on with the world.

Or in this case, with the Grey's Anatomy episode that I'm watching.

I'm not really addicted, it's really just a lot of fun to watch it. Sometimes, I watch it too much I don't realize it's 3 in the morning na pala.

So much for being a morning person.

It's one of my goals, to become a morning person. Things are much easier when you're a morning person. You always wake up on the bright side of the bed, you do more things, mas maganda lang talaga ang gising pag maaga. Parang...wala. Ang fresh ng feeling. And yes, you really do get to do more things.

And I really need more time to do things.

I have to become a morning person before I start doing all my lessons and stuff.

* * *

teehee, I liked what i did with Angel's pictures.

clik here

Fortunately, some people like what i did too.

Tell me if you like it, ha. It makes my day eh. :-)

* * *

I had my first fine-dining experience last night.

I had it at Le Souflle at the Fort.

Shit man, food IS GOOD. Hahaha. I just had no idea what to order because everything was REALLY expensive, and it's not like we can't pay for it, it's just that nakakahiya lang.

'Cause my uncle (the RockStar uncle) is paying for dinner, not my mum.

Pero it's a good thing I'm pretty used to using the fork and knife ensemble instead of the fork and spoon ensemble.

It was fun, the attending dude (it's awkward to call people waiter and waitress, besides i don't think the people at posh restos really qualify as waiter or waitress. or whatever.) is REALLY REALLY nice. He was fun, and smiley and really accommodating. He wasn't snotty, or snobbish, even. All the attending people were like that, actually. Hehe.

And there were a few people.

And the place was nice. There were really GREAT paintings around the place. And they were for sale. And I wanted to buy one. Most stuff were Japanese-themed.

Too bad I had no pictures. Parang ang rude to take pictures eh.

* * *


OH GOD!!!!


Buti nalang wala akong activities ngayon.

Pero in the following weeks, I'll be commuting and staying out a lot.

Pero the rain is fine, I guess. At least hindi mainit, and at least i decided to stay home again.

But the rain stinx.


Stinx. :)

* * *

I'll be posting lots of pictures in the future. My camera and summer loot and stuff.

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