Friday, May 2, 2008

asian hospital.
Still Take Home Chef.

Yup, you definitely atleast have to look decent when you go out, even with buying groceries. Although I'm not holding up hope my mum and I would be ambushed by anyone remotely as Aussie as Curtis Stone.


Girls, if Curtis Stone ambushes you, it means you're gorgeous.

Oh, I've seen this episode already. Japanese-themed dinner. Yumyum. :))

The chick looks like a Filipina and she's gorgeous. :) Pinay nga, Asia pangalan eh. Let's all go figure what I'm talking about.

Haaay I love Aussie accents. It's a tie between Brit accents and Aussie accents. A non-observant person would point out that they're the same, but they're not. Aussie accents are more... hmmm. Chill. Brit accents are more posh-sounding and snotty-sounding.

Although I love foreign accents altogether. They make listening to the dialogues more interesting. I like to think and pretend that I do good accent-impersonations. Kind people have pointed out that I could work in call centers because I was so convincing. What a compliment, haha.

I think I was once a person who could speak many languages in one of my previous lives. Not necessarily a linguist eh. Listening to accents trigger the same accent in me. Trust me, it happens.

* * *

If anyone asks what happened to my mum again, I'm going to forward the link to my site. :)

* * *

Fast bits:

Mum got sent to Asian Hospital and was initially diagnosed for Food Poisoning, because she showed all symptoms. Stayed with her all through 3 days and 2 nights. Muy and Margot, the neighbors,popped in and tripped out with us during the 2nd day. Went to ATC for an hour while grandpops stayed over at mum's.

Nurse comes in later on and says there wasn't any trace of bacteria or whatever on her poop or urine so it couldn't have been Food Poisoning.

She didn't stay for observation though, because she's OK already, albeit quite dehydrated.

Was daydreaming the WHOLE time about seeing a certain someone pop by, be on the same floor or the same elevator or whatever, just be there.

Saw no one special besides the girl who's hated by a lot of people in my school. The who?

No naming names. :))

P.S. I tried making the long part. In fact, I'm half-way through when I made the fast bit version. Then when I tried to continue, I stopped. No making sense if I continued, everything's in the Fast Bits part anyway.

* * *


SO much pictures to be uploaded in les Multiply. Especially of us four. HAHAH. Camwhores unleashed!

My nails, my dear friends, are NEON PINK. FLUORESCENT PINK. HIGH-LIGHTER PINK. STABILO PINK. I like it. It's a funny color. I did it one night when I was at the hospital. Such a funny color that merited many stares and double-takes from people. I don't know why they stare though. I mean sure, it's odd, but haven't you seen odd-looking nails before?

I like this color because it's not me-ish. I'd stick to the more sensible colors, brown, beige, fuchsia pink or whatever. But being not me is actually very me, if you get what I'm saying.

I have yet to buy a NEON ORANGE. FLUORESCENT ORANGE. HIGH-LIGHTER ORANGE. STABILO ORANGE color. A tribute to the two colors of high-lighters that I use. Maybe I'll use that for my feet. HAHAH.

I LOVE the Face Shop's nail polish. I collect lots of colors (from different brands before), and I fell in love with them since I tried Muy's stuff. It's perfect when you put a top and bottom coat. Wee, goodbye Caronia (I use their top and bottom coats still, though). I mean Caronia's good and all, but after a while, their consistencies aren't very...consistent? HAHA. And if there's a thing you should know about me, I'm a nail polish person. (I don't do nail polish at school though. Not really because they're against the rules, but more of I can't be buggered to put them on. And they always get ruined after a day.) My happiness comes in cheap. Hah. Face Shop now has a new loyal client. And their nail polishes are pretty affordable, even if you could get the same colors for HALF the price. You're paying for quality after all. And Sally Hansen's stuff are like WOAH! I bought a white one and I regretted it, because I never got to put it on and use it for good. :))

So helloooo Face Shop.

I sound real ditzy.

I would like to share this drawing that I made, if only because I find it fantastic. I'm not very good in drawing because I don't really practice. But I'm quite proud of this one.

Magawa ngang vector :))


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