Friday, May 2, 2008

curtis stone and my dream
Take Home Chef @ Discovery Travel & Living

I heart Curtis Stone because he's so Aussie and he's such a pretty boy, blonde hair, pink lips, big blue eyes, but it really is suspicious how he only picks up the GORGEOUS girls at the grocery.

Give the tatty old moms a chance won't ya? I'm betting my arse they need more help than the girls who have make up on when they're supposedly doing grocery.

If you don't have Discovery T&L, Take Home Chef is this show where Curtis Stone ambushes (GORGEOUS) girls at random grocery stores, shops stuff with them, goes to their home, and cooks dinner for her and her family.

I would like to see an episode where there's a manically jealous husband.

I mean seeing how he IS gorgeous, charming, a gentleman, and KNOWS HOW TO COOK!!!

Although my uncle kindly pointed out before..."GWAPO BA YAN?!!"

OK man, he's CHARMING and he's fit, okay? And he cooks well.

NO man, gwapo siya.

Not a big fan of blondes, but here's the man. Uh Oh. Is that a hint of a beer belly that I see?

Ahhh well, never trust a skinny chef they say. I agree. How can you trust a chef that looks like they can't even eat what they cook? :))

HOY, she picked the COOLEST girl this week! She plays the drums and she's a total babe hahahah. She reminds me of Chiara. Tamad, mukhang-hardcore, maangas air, drums and all. She's an awesome drummer.

Girl-crush HAHA.

* * *

I had two dreams last night, and it's freaky how I can remember.

The first one I don't want to talk about.

The second one though...

I was texting this guy, and it's odd how I dream of him and I can see HIM texting me back. He was wearing red, if I remember well, and he was smiling. (Baka inimbento din to ng utak ko. You can never trust my mind.)

Oy, creepy.

And then we were texting and we were talking about GUITAR HEROOOOOO.

I told him there was this song I couldn't do, can't even get past the first verse (TOO BAD I FORGOT THE SONG!!!) and then he replies:

"Ako din eh. Kuya could do 3 AM perfect."

I'm sure I got the "3 AM perfect" part right. Because I remember thinking and being confused if he was talking about the Pumpkins' song, Perfect.

This is scary because
a) I have no idea how and why I'm texting that dude and
b) WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE HIM? and guitar hero???
c) Bakit may specific song? Is the world telling me something?

So I search in the net if there's a song that exists with that title.

Cha-ching meron! By Matchbox 20. I don't know why I'm so surprised that the song is "real". Eh, I reckoned my mind was playing with me..... Ay ewan.

Check out the lyrics though. I don't know if it's supposed to mean something or whatever.

Gahd, even my mind is playing with me.


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