Wednesday, May 14, 2008

long one full of asterisks.
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Was this the dude on the sex video with Kim K? HAHA. Who cares anyway? lol
OH, I love this version. I love Kate's voice. lol Gives a fresh take on the Arctic Monkeys' song. I still love the original version though.
My favorite Monkeys song for the moment. lol
I love Madonna. She's my guilty pleasure, including MC and the Spice Girls. redface HAHA. I even listened to her non-stop Confessions on the Dance Floor album on the way to London back in '06.exclaim
Ang emo ha, but I like it. :)


Last Footie day with the kids at Futbol Fanatics at Tahanan Village!


I'm really really going to miss them. sad

I've been dealing with kids the whole summer, from footie, to MSA, and even to cooking.

But I've gotten really attached to the footie kids. HAHA. I'm even planning to go back for some more next year! Even if I'd be insanely old, playing with them. The "Elders". And the "Big Girls".

Sana we get a chance to take pictures mamaya. lol I know all their names na! lol I hope I still see them around. I feel really sad when I think that I won't be able to see them anymore!!!


The PC is now overflowing with so many files, games, and programs, I won't be surprised if it bursts any moment from now confused

Good thing we had that extra hard drive.

Anyways, I still have a lot of music CDs to put in here (most of them bootleg) since my iPod's music...well it hasn't been updated in ages. The last music update it had was when I copied some stuff from Muy's laptop. And that was what...about early April? And then I had Limewire problems and I now reinstalled the new version, so it's up and running now, and I'm really really glad.

I've got some Joan Jett stuff to catch up on. (Converse's "Connectivity" campaign is so freaking fierce, it kills.)

image from:
from left to right: Hunter H. Thompson, Dwayne Wade, Sid Vicious, M.I.A, JAMES DEAN, Karen O, Common, JOAN JETT and BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG.


fine. So Hunter H. Thompson and Sid Vicious might b puking in their graves, but who in freaking hell cares anyway. I get a thrill when I see them pictures. :))


I've been really addicted to Watermelon Seeds these days. As in Butong Pakwan. Man, I can eat a whole pack of Captain Sid in one seating! Seriously. I'd rather have those than junkfood nowadays.

Oral fixation. :-))


Have I told you that Magic Sing has the best song list I've seen? Wala lang, I mean they might not have the latest, but I'm not really into the latest, so there.

I've taken a peek there a while ago and downloaded some stuff by Eric Clapton, Nirvana, Blondie, the Pretenders etc.etc.

Let it not be said that Magic Sing is kurney.


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