Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my week. busy busy week.
Tyra Banks Show.

They're doing the Moment of Truth Show.

Dayum. Girl's sleeping around with her husband's best friend, my God. WTF is going on with the world? I mean people. You want to have world peace and love and WTF? WHY DO YOU DO THIS? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?????


The lie detector even says so!!!

Ewan ko.


Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap is totally my bad-ass, biker-chick, tight leather costume, Olivia Newton-John in Grease's last scene song.

Guess guess guess who my John Travolta is. :))


THIS WEEK HAS BEEN KAREEEYYYYYZZZY! Mayn! I mean, from the weekend up to know.

Thank God I'm pretty sensible, or I would have died by cardiac arrest.


We tried jogging the other day and it was so much fun din. I mean I usually like just jogging around and being left alone to my train of thoughts, so there. I wasn't really left to my thoughts though, I had Muy and Chiara with me. The first time I was with Vanilla, my dog, but we found out you can't bring dogs in SM's humongous parking lot.


Laughtrip ha.


Yesterday naman, I started my AAPs @ MSA. No, I'm no idiot, I'm taking advanced lessons to gear up and get ready.

I'm not exactly the best Math person, but I'm not so bad either, I just realized. So my mum's letting me and my sister take Math lessons to build up our confidence with our Math skills.



Tried out boxing with Muy and her friend Pat kanina over at Ringside Boxing Center, in Madrigal Business Park.

It was a lot of fun, and quite hard, especially the abdominal exercises.

The wrap smelled really funky though, and my nose is very sensitive, especially to bad smells. I get wigged out when I smell something really really bad. :)) It was very funny because the trainer was asking us to keep the standard boxing stance, hands near your face and stuff, and I can't stop laughing because the wrap stunk man. It really did. The funky, stinky, sweaty smell. HAHA.

But whatever, all is good. It's my first time and I'll probably come back when I feel like it. :))


Cooking with Princess tomorrow!!! We're cooking at the Palms and I'm quite excited.

I still have difficulty how this thing will fit in my lose-weight-regime, but whatever.


Seeing all these travel shows about LONDON and ENGLAND make me want to cry.

I don't know if it's just me, or if it happens with everyone else, but I really do find London one of the greatest cities in the world, evaaaahh HAHA. I mean it's magical. It makes me feel like I belong there. Maybe I lived there in my previous life.

I mean it has everything I want. The downtown vintage shops and record stores, the humongous book stores, THE PARKS (oh, I love HYDE PARK), the glamour, the poshness, and the countryside as well!!! What else do I love about England.

The fact that Football is the biggest thing, and the MUSIC HAHA. And the Brits are charming and hilarious hahaha.

Not to mention, quite good-looking. :))

The English countryside is the best, though. It's like seeing your old children's books come to life. Goldilocks' home, the briar patch, the lush, green fields, and the cottages and houses were really darling.

Haaaay I wanna wanna wanna go back. I'm going to the Windsor castle again. :P And I have my camera in haaaaand hahah I love it.


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