Sunday, June 15, 2008

1 week down.
A hundred more to go.

The first week of school is done. Weeeeelll. What do I think?

Well the first few days were kind of awkward for me. Although I'll say I'm probably very lucky with my section right now, since I have old friends with me, pero I get the privilege to meet new ones din. 32 is quite a lot of fun, still in the getting-to-know stage, and I must say...them boys keep me laughing the whole time. :-)) During break time I always have stories to tell to my non-classmate friends, although minsan they don't quite come out as funny when I tell them. LOL.

Pero siyempre. There's this sense of alienation padin. Well not really alienation, but more of home-sickness. Most of my friends, I've been classmates with since gradeschool. Although some, since 1st year lang, there's still this "awww shucks i miss them" vibes. Sometimes when I have this joke, I have no one to share it with. Poof, ako nalang magisa tatawa. And then it doesn't help na aisle seat ako, which means I virtually have one seatmate. Unless I want to amble waaay beside the aisle to chat up my other seatmate... who doesn't look very chattable anyway. So why risk getting caught by the teacher?

There was one day I was exaggeratingly close to tears because I missed my old friends in the room.

Drama days. Nothing very serious.

The teachers. Oh, the teachers I have nought to complain about. Although I wouldn't mind having this certain Mr. Abarquez that they always talk about. I get realllly envious, I just ask some of them to keep quiet. :-))

But my teachers, oh my teachers are great. :-))

What else.

Well... I know my classmates won't believe me, pero I feel so freaking quiet when I resume to my seat. Eh kasi dati ang sabog ko sa classroom eh. Alam mo yun. I just shout whatever side comment I have or whatever. Dito hindi eh. Although I make it a point to make kulit to the people around me padin. HAHA. Wala lang, para masaya.

Whuuuuut else.

Yun lang po. Bow.


Will be returning your tags and comments sooooon. :))


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