Sunday, June 22, 2008

bored people do stupid things. like fall in love.
Listening to:
Kim Chiu, Sam Milby and Gerald Anderson postively murder and positively murdered ballad called "When You Look Me In The Eyes".

Ang baba ng standards ng mga Pilipino.

But then. That's what makes the masses happy. :-))

And I'm not listening to it by choice, geddamit. I'm in the living room, and the yayas took over the remote.

I feel like I'm being slowly choked to death. HAHAH.





I can talk about so much things. And then I can talk about nothing. It's been a full week since I last updated. :)

2nd week of school?

Much fun already. I've already gotten to know most of my classmates and have actually made friends na. And then there were some more.

Yiheeeeeeeeee. HAHAHA.


I feel like moving out.

Moving on to a different URL, and perhaps with a layout that is mine. Only something I made can reflect who I really am. The essence of the multi-faceted moi. Okay. Hindi maganda yung multi-faceted. But you know. I do have different sides and dimensions and personalities.

Now I look like a schizophrenic.



I am wearing a mask.

Does that make me a hypocrite? Yes.

I don't mind being a hypocrite. Atleast I am decent enough to admit to myself that I'M PRETENDING.

Pretending to be???

Numb. Normal.


There'll be a time when I'll reach the breaking point because I can't take the hurt the world has given me.


All this emo-ness is rain-induced. That's why I've taken such abhorrence for rain. I can't wake up and say "it's a beautiful day" because the rain and the dark clouds are covering everything! I can't get up kagad and start my day kasi it's raining and I would rather stay in bed.

I used to love the rain.

But now I don't.

Rain doubles the pain.

Rain makes me miss things I shouldn't be missing.


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