Monday, June 9, 2008

last of summer.
An appropriately named post, since I started the summer with a "First of Summer" post.


This summer was good. One of the best that I've had, actually. I FELT like I've grown up and started realizing things that were just..."pare, bakit ko ginawa yun?" Of course, I am repentant and serving penance, which is a lifetime of guilt.

But at the same time, I came to realize my old, younger self, that reflected with the kids that surrounded me the whole time.

Somehow, at some point, I realized that being with kids is a breath of fresh air. They say it out loud, the way they see things, and when they like you...well they really like you. :-)) Kids don't have so much chiao chiao, you know, so much arte in their katawan! No backstabbing, no! Which is the whole point of being a kid anyway. You laugh, you cry, you shriek, you blech with them. I'm telling you, everyone should get their dose of kid therapy once ina while. It's nice to lose yourself with kids sometimes.

There's always this part of myself that will be attached to kids. Especially the kids who marked my summer. From the Futbol fanatics-- Carla, Bianca, Dani, Enrique, Nicolo, the other Nicolo, the Urbandub dude, Joshua (was there a joshua? there's always a joshua.)...and all the rest whose names I forgot from memory but I will remember the moment I see your faces, to the Kooking Kids -- Kanna, Sofia, Gia, Dane, Tabea, Gabe, Regina and Patricia, and to the ones who made my dreary number-counting days a bit brighter, the MSA kids -- NiƱo, Tantan, Mikee and Tristhian...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :-)


And of course, how else will summer be without the infamous house renovation?

Well an update.

They haven't touched the main house yet, which they're planning to extend. The CRs, atleast. We're going to have our own rooms someday, with custom-made cabinets. That's what you get with a grandfather who was his own big toys for bigger boys (I swear, he could buy out the whole Hardware store if he had the money). And still no certain concept for my future room.

They're almost done with the second unit at the back, which is going to be the maid's quarter at the top, and the guest room at the bottom. The guest room is at the bottom since if and when Lolo drops by, he doesn't have to go all the way up the stairs for some good rest or whatever. Almost done, being the construction. The tiles, the toilets, everything else is not yet there.

What else.

Well our house looks like a dreary mess from outside, but no pain, no gain people. I know that out of the hot mess will come a really nice, comfortable house that my mum has always dreamed of.

Well. I'll be putting in pictures if the house gets finished. No wait. WHEN the house gets finished. :-))


To my friends, who I have not lost connection with throughout the WHOLE summer! Angeli, Angelique, Barbie and Hazel...thank you for keeping me sane.

To Lia and to Princess, for opening doors of opportunities (Naaaaks.)

And to my own special friend Rainbelle (it's actually spelled Reigne Belle but I don't care. HAHA. Rainbelle is so much more pixie-like! which matches her new haircut), who's staying at the house with us and is a relative of mine. She's very makulit and such a couch hog, but now she's a renewed little five year-old, since we've practically hidden the electric outlet so she won't watch TV so often! :-) She has learned to say "sorry" and has become more polite and sweet and on the way, she became close to my heart na din.

To Bianca also, Hazel's niece or relative of some sort, for making me realize how good I can be with kids. And Bianca's mum, Ate Eunell, for being so cool and letting me have a good time.

To my grandfather, for being such a good conversationalist. ;-) oy, PROUD ako diyan. He wears Canvass-colored Chucks. O DIBA? Cool yan, pare.

To MY NEIGHBORS! How could I almost forget! I know we'd be moving on with our lives, pero siyempre, there's always STARBUCKS and Boxing. Such a great summer with you three (which includes my younger sister) and our honorary member, Jet. HAHAH.

Thank you, thank you thank you everybody!!!


I'm a few minutes shy from the very first day of my schoolyear. I'm nervous still, I don't know why.

Time to put the class vibes to the test. :-))


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