Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Stellar - Incubus

arrowwhat i like the most about Incubus is at first, for me ha, they sound so all-over the place and generally maingay. but then after a while, after your first dose of an Incubus song, you find it perennially STUCK in your brain. and then you grow to love it. :)


Oh my. I'm a freaking sucker who just went down the ranks.


Look at my layout. It's so bright and shiny, it tires me. I'm getting sick of it. I need a nice and quiet layout. Something white. I can totally see it now.

I'm tired of my bright and shiny self.

All day, I go along bright and shiny. When I retire, I wish to be quiet. Meditative. Introspective.

Or just plain NOT bright and shiny.biggrin
I feel like barfing everytime I think of the green-ness of it all.

I'm not saying it's an ugly layout. By God, it's a gorgeous layout. What I'm saying is... well, I'm not saying that the layout is not me. It's just that I want a conclave that's different from the usual me.

Oh no. Pano na yung plano ko ng white and orange na room?

Might have to rethink things.


When will I ever have time to do the things that I used to love? As in real time, big time.

My sister has been working here, as always, on over time. What, driven by her addiction and admiration for Haley Williams and Paramore? (Ironically, I do find myself singing Paramore again these days. wink)

And then the laptop... Well the laptop was never enough. There's something with its battery AND changer. It has 1GB space left. That's one USB space for you. I can't install Photoshop. Is there any possibility that I can make stuff there? No. It's not mine eh. I'm a stickler for those things.

Haaay. I wish I could have my MacBook. hooo. I dreamt of it one time, you know. *Sigh* rolleyes


Wow. Long Tests na in a few days. I can't believe it. 3 weeks of school and phoosh. LT kagad! I haven't learned ANYTHING yet. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But you know, the stuff that I've learned hasn't sunk in yet. Besides Functions and Relations, and how much my brain didn't work during those Trigo sessions at MSA. lol

What can I say, I'm a self-confessed geek. Once a geek, always a geek.

And I've said that Geek is Chic, yes?

Ok. It's 10 na. I have to go. HAHA.


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