Monday, June 9, 2008

them boys.
Listening to:


This one's from the Sex and the City Soundtrack.

Oooooh I love the chorus part!

I haven't been one for labels, but I love this song. :-))

"Love's like a runway, but which one do I love more?"

7 play counts since added to iTunes. Hoy. Ang dami nun, considering that I added it up a few minutes ago. HAHA.

I give this song a week before I get sick of it.


because I AM HAPPY. :)

ang dami kong issues today, i owe it to myself, practically. and it's the LAST FREAKING DAY OF SUMMER. sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, csc HERE I COME HAHAHAHAH.

props to ViewImages

click for the bigger picture.

Georgie Henley aka Queen Lucy looks reeaaal nice in here. and Queen Susan even. Pero siyempre Skandar Keynes and Ben Barnes TOPPPSSSSS. King Peter? Wag ka na. I'm sorry. AHHAAHHAHAHA. Hey, atleast gumwapo si King Edmund! Helllooo.

I love them boys.

I never thought I would love again.


Ako pa.

I'm a starry-eyed, boy-crazed girl. Which makes me normal. Indeed.

The thing that makes me different is my taste. Grabe. I'm so picky with boys. HAHAHA. Sometimes the ones that I like, you won't even understand what I see in them. Although I've made good and agreeable choices over the years ha. LOL. Either that, or I can easily brainwash my friends.

I'm just happy to find someone I can GUSH about you know? HAHAHA. I've been real picky with boys of late, and I can't find someone who makes me go "AAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!" in a LONG TIME. Yung isa... nako, wala na siya. huhu, goodbye. :-))

Haaaaaaang gwapo talaga. HAAAY. :))


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