Friday, June 6, 2008

turning japanese.
JackTV. Paiba-iba eh.


My face is a few inches away from the TV.

I will not care to explain.


This day has been so full of inspiration, it's crazy. It's like the whole universe is doing this entirely cosmic thing for making up with the terrible day I had yesterday. Thinking of it... well it wasn't entirely terrible, it was actually a whole lot better than I thought. Although ang INIT HA! I have been so used to the aircon pumped out everywhere I go, I totally forgot the fact that...well, mainit sa school. :-))

Back to inspiration.

Well earlier today I talked to MuyMuy, the famous neighbor/childhood friend (Ate Monica) who I frequently talk about to my friends. Well we did not really talk, we actually SMSed. Grabe, she's so freaking good, she gave the BEST advice anyone could give on this certain problem. It's not the type na...cryptic or anything, it's just straight out advice. I love it. :-))

And then later on, at about 7 PM, I went online, and then suddenly my friend Barbie/Barbiepwet told me about this girl who got featured on the 2bU section in Inquirer, the local newspaper. So I asked her for the girl's Flickr page, and then boom. Ayun na. I started getting inspired. She told me that she thought of me while she read the article, the article being about a photographer and all.

Check out Tricia Gosingtian HERE

Checking out her artwork would be the best possible way to convey what I want to say, since you will be thinking that she's so freaking cool anyway.

And then starting from there, like I usually do, I jumped from one page to another, landed on Tricia's deviant art and on her model friend/cosplayer Alodia's devart page. Alodia played Lili (as in Tekken 5 Lili) on one cosplay convention(ATA), and it was so freaking insane. Ang galing!!!

Hahah. See, I may not enjoy Japanese food so much (the seafood stuff anyways. I need breaking in) but the culture. Oh, the culture. And Japan itself!!! AHHHH!!!

I should dab at Japanese music sometime. :-)) The only Japanese person I listen to is Utada Hikaru, and I only genuinely like one song from her. Which is Easy Breezy. :-))

Anyways, continuing Barbie and I's conversation long after our fishtalks with Angeli/Gabby, she told me stuff that made me feel good. Alam mo yun, taking pictures and stuff. I love my friends, because they tell me good stuff. And the bad stuff as well, which makes them real great. They support whatever I want to do...and we always end up having a good time.

So I dropped by the website of one of my favorite photographers (and people) in the whole universe. I can't mention her name. Nahihiya ako. :-)) Why? Secret. HAHA. The whole thing is so bloody complex (Ahhh, I love Angeli's wordplay), it's a complete waste of time.

And then here comes JP, one of my friends that hasn't actually been my classmate. He called me the coolest geek ever! Oh, I love it. Relish the geekiness, people. We are a rare breed. Not. My uncles over there at Billy Shakespeare-yo's land once said that in there, Geek is Chic, Nerd is Turd.

Oy, in na pala ako ngayon. HAHAH.

Must explore the preppy/geeky style. Sana lang may pera ako.

What inspired me the most today was the whole photography and Japanese thing. I don't know if I was born to be a professional photographer, although I do know somewhere down the road, I'll be armed with a camera always anyway.

Dollipoptart's photography looks so...well, fun! It has everything I like. Music, clothes, dressing up, conceptualizing... Haaaay. :-)

I just don't know how to do things you know? My friends and I attempted a photoshoot, and blast it, it was fun, but the results weren't very good. I do not blame the models, I blame the photographer. Who was me. :-)) The lighting,the make-up, the clothes!!!

A-Ha, may goal na ako ngayon. Number 1 on the list is the GORGEOUS Canon EOS 400D. I need to do research. But demmit pare, it's so mahal! 40,000 pesos.I mean I'm paying for a FREAKIN DSLR, but I don't know where I'll get money, now that we're having our house renovated and all the stuff on the side.

But it'll be so much fun if I DO have a DSLR. Never mind the school photog, I'll take the class pictures nalang! :-))

And the whole Japanese thing. Besides wanting to be lean and beautiful (Japanese women are very beautiful), their whole culture is so crazy, it kills. The manga, the anime!!! Oh, I've been craving for anime so much lately, I crashed at and just to watch anime. Not so crazy though, I still have a lot of stuff to do so I don't really have the time to load things. But manga comics, yeah I read them. I stopped at comic #2 of Genshiken, 'cause I got too tamad looking for the rest of them. And I got crazy about other books, so there.

And Japanese movies too. My favorite is SwingGirls. It's a lot of fun, really! :-)

And then the clothes, and the makeup! AHHHH. And the art. Oh, when I watch Miami Ink, I always look forward to the Japanese-inspired art that Chris Garver always does.

Obviously, I'm not a full-on crazed Japanese fan whatever yet. As usual, excuse ko ang time. And money. I'll be putting that down in my journal sometime. List down the coolest Japanese things and incorporate it in my personality. LOL.

My mum LOVES Japan. A lot. She even speaks Nippongo. Well not major Nippongo, probably 2nd grade Nippongo lang. She was tutored in her last company just to get by. HAHA. I remember her sitting at the dinner table with me, both of us studying, and then she'd have these flash cards with the kanji and katakana characters in them.

Although after I expressed to her my want to learn Nippongo, she said... "Mandarin nalang anak, China is the next Asian frontier."


As fascinated as I am about China, Mandarin is considerably harder than Nippongo. Although I figure it'll be nice to learn Mandarin. And a lot of fun too. Consider cursing in Mandarin, and no one will reprimand you for it. O, lupet diba? And somehow, their culture is different too. I just find Japan more fascinating. More colorful. Different.

Today is such an artsy and colorful day. I love it. Thank you to the people who inspired me. Ate Barbie, Angeli, JP and the photographers Dollpoptart (Tricia Gosingtiao) and her model Alodia. They're so much fun, they inspired me to explore my creative, whacked up side, which really really does exist, you know! Hindi lang masyadong evident.

Before the next 52 minutes pass by and June 7 dawns, consider me a renewed and inspired person. I've turned Japanese. (Right.)

Every day is a chance to be inspired and to inspire, diba?


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