Wednesday, July 2, 2008

bathroom talk
Listening to:
Drive - Incubus

Drive is my new comfort song.

I get to think in the bathroom. I won't even attempt to answer the resounding questions that I know are now gearing in yo brain.

I didn't know I did it, until I started telling my friends about things I thought of while in the bathroom. I didn't notice the common factor until someone pointed it out to me.

And up to now, I still do it. Think in the bathroom, I mean. It's subconscious.

But I'm telling you, I come up with the most brilliant things in the bathroom. Our bathroom ha.

And then I thought of something.

Not very brilliant.

Kind of devastating, in fact.

It's more of a... guess. Trying to tie up the facts and stuff. An assumption, really.


If this whole thing that I thought of is real.

I'd be dead.

Really dead.

Or that's what I'll probably feel.

Dead. With an empty void.

And then I'll feel stupid.

I actually feel stupid right now.

And anxious.

What if this thing is real?

Be back later. ;)


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